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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Trump phenomina

While the republican establishment, the Democratic establishment, the media, Shields and Brooks and one famous economist call Trump absurd and his support nonothinking, an impressive crossection of the middle class turns out in his support. Is the establishment that smart considering the mess they have created? Are the pundents so wise in their analysis considering how wrong their prediction of Trump's imminent demise turned out to be, and are the American people indeed so know nothing? What's wrong with this picture?

The American people firmly believe that the know nothing's are in Washington. The botched wars in the Midle East, the economy, the loss of jobs and manufacturing due to outsourcing, the loss of wealth from the working people to the one percent, the trade deficit, the chronic unbalanced budget, out of control immigration, over population, unsustainable cost of education and the lack thereof, healthcare and the downward spiral of our culture -- not to mention the third mortgage banking scam -- all in general prove that indeed the no nothing's are in Washington.

Common sense, problem solving, even identifying problems go out the window when polititions from either side do not plan together, eat together, or even talk to gather. Rather both sides hide away in their cloistered and exclusive caucuses planing how to best defeat the other side, currently a scorched earth policy. Fed by rich contributions they lead themselves into isolated doctrine, viewpoints, and belief systems completely out of touch with reality.

There is no global warming because the chairman and Chaney's coal company say so; a little smoke never hurt anybody. On the other side, free trade, globalization, trade deficit, will be good for everybody, Utopian but a total disaster for the working class which they claim to represent.

I submit, the slick politicians and pundents in Washington do not have a clue that they have become mere thought puppets to the banks and multinationals that profit from those distorted conciets at the expense of our middle-class and the countries they outsource to.

The problem list is as long as your arm or Hillerie's email, and they have not solved even one of them, but rather add to the list. So why is Trump and Bernie Sanders drawing the crowds? It should be obvious, but Washington seems to think that the problem is with us know nothing's, and with time the electorit will come back. -- we shall see.


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