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Friday, July 30, 2021

Common Sense 21 #1 (3/21/21)


The end of Democracy arrived without a whimper. Scholars and historians will tell us that the final chain of compromises that the Marxist call dialectic materialism lead to rejection of American institutions, the law, the Constitution and Democracyitself. We did this to ourselves, but with help from the outsidefrom an internationalist elite and a new world Oligarchy of big technology and Communist billionaires and indeed communist brainwashing and propaganda. 


The mechanism was a pure Marxist subversion promoting class warfare, a victimization of minorities, women, workers  and immigrants. Victimization was taught in the schools at all levelsalong with communist ideation, but it was the new Oligarchy that kidnapped the Communist dialectic for their own ends of international totalitarianism with an apparatchik of teachers, government employees, judges, the news media and professors.


The new American Oligarchy along with the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset will find itself in conflict with World Communism, a conflict already expressing itself in the not so diplomatic confrontation between CCP representatives and US Secretary of State in Anchorage this weekend.


We remain, however, a defeated majority of American patriots, censured, monitored and vilified, lacking only the leadership for an uprising or succession from the Union.


A far better outcome might be for the US military with allegiance to the Constitution, to stage a military takeover, purge the country of foreign agents and illegals while insuring a new secure election. Military action would have to be completely non political. No political figure or other government agent could be involved. The new Pentagon chief of staff is a Biden appointee, but he does not have control authority over the chiefs of service.The Construction is all we have. 


As Citizens, we must find a way to exchange real news, information, free speech and communication — with ourselves and maybe the chiefs of staff — free of Oligarch censorship, tracing and intimidation or we will end up like the German people under Nazi control. These printed pamphlets, like those of the American Revolution will be a start.


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