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Monday, November 15, 2021

Chapter 18 Death by Globalism — Sleeping with the Enemy


A siren song for Globalization speaks more for greed and socialism than for equality and free trade.


 Globalization originated with a strategy of promoting peace and preventing wars by discouraging Nationalism and encouraging adversaries to participate in international business and trade. The planners expected that the creation of wealth and interaction through trade would mitigate bad behavior and cause adversaries to embrace international standards of behavior. 


The strategy worked to an off and on degree with Russia’s collapse and resurgence as a more capitalistic totalitarian demi-democracy profiting from oil and natural gas. Russia continued to exploit US racial conflict, however. China’s CCP took subversion to another level with an ancient Chinese form of bribery and blatant espionage. Using America’s own freedom against us China recruited Americans almost at will through flattery, academia, the Internet and finance.  Through a network of Confucius Institutes, willing participants and agents posing as Chinese students, helped themselves to restricted technology, trade secrets and critical military plans. A massive propaganda and educational presence  added support for pro Chinese policies and ideology. It had became highly profitable to sleep with the enemy.


In the name of globalization, with a great deal of foreign influence as shown in preceding chapters, the US financed both Globalization and China’s hidden war against democracy and the US. The strategy proved highly profitable for the globalist, not so much for the American people or our country. If China’s strategy is the destruction of Democracy, they could not have found a more effective weapon than Globalization.


·      From its origins in 1973,  US globalization focused on re-educating our youth towards an international loyalty, discouraging Nationalism. In doing so, globalist ideology undermined Democracy and the spirit of America. It was only a matter of time.

·      Democracy cannot exist without an overwhelming commitment and participation by the people, the rule of law, freedom and ethical values all of which globalism negated.

·      During and after Vietnam, students rioted against American leadership and with it a rejection of American institutions, americanism and traditional western values, embracing globalism and a dream of international citizenship while discounting Democracy and the Republic.

·      Globalization drew funding from and drained America’s wealthy middle class, small business, and the demand side of the consumer markets.

·      The liquidity flow was a guillotine for every day Americans and a windfall for globalists. China in particular, Wall Street, multinational corporations and a new Oligarchy profited from the one sided treaties. 

·      The expectation that adversarial counties would embrace free trade and international rules of trade had ben a total failure.

·      American patriotism, the Constitution and Democracy stood in the way of globalism, supply side profit, greed and international interests. A massive perception management, propaganda machine, furthered the rejection of Democracy, our Republic and by 2021, censorship, propaganda, due process and freedom itself.

·      The indoctrination of globalism completely dominated our Legislature, Judiciary, main stream media, and the entire education system —  advocating a deconstruction of American history, the Constitution and the Republic. 

·      A cry for Socialism grew, abated by foreign subversion and race bating with rioting, looting and lawlessness. — death blows to Democracy, arguably feed by communist ideology.

·      Globalists carried out a well financed campaign of disinformation and demoralization, aided by the asymmetrical warfare and idealogical brainwashing from the CCP. 

·      Communist subversion, an integral part of the duel nature of globalism, comes in four stages. Twenty years or so of demoralization followed by re-education then chaos and a climax leading to the new world order called normalization —- incompatible with Democracy. 

·      The ideological subversion was embraced by a wealthier, highly educated journalist class embracing the false flag of racism as a further means of currying favor and wealth through wokeism.

·      Like globalism, Wokeism works like another form of Marxist dialectic materialism or Hitlers Nazism. Find some universal grievance. Victimize the oppressed then war against a scapegoat of your choice,  a political opponent, an institution, a country or yes a race, all for the benefit of a class or political movement at hand. Hardly Democratic.

·      Most agree that free trade creates wealth and prosperity for both near-equal trading partners, but Globalization, as we had allowed it to evolve, encouraged free movement of manufacturing in quest of cheap indentured labor and less regulation. It lead to massive job loss. 

·      Globalists demanded open borders for cheap labor and expansion, breaking immigration laws and lowering American wages in doing so.

·      American citizens had a right to protection under the Constitution, but the outsourcing of both manufacturing and labor without debate or a vote, denied them such protection.  

·       Globalization risks freedom itself. No one will pay you to be free, but many would pay you to be less free or cause others to be less free. That’s exactly the case with unemployment due to outsourcing of American jobs or the exploitation of cheap indentured foreign labor.

·      Globalization undermined national security with a loss of critical manufacturing, steel, aluminum, rare earth minerals, petroleum, etc.

·      Globalization, inclusion and diversity brings together incompatible cultures. Immigration built this country but with immigrants eager to assimilate into theAmerican culture. Many immigrants today would rather change us than change themselves. The dream of one world would have us all inclusive, but to do so erases civilization and the cultures therein. Only through competition and variety will civilization advance. Some may prefer a king, some a prime minister and some an elected president. Plato called for a compassionate prince.

·      Further vulnerabilities arose from China’s demand for shared technology, theft of industrial and military secrets and cyber warfare, a means of both theft and bribery, all a subversion of Globalism and our Democracy.  

·      Numbers from the Bureau of Economic Analysis clearly showed a drain on both market liquidity, the velocity within the GDP, personal spending and personal income while the stock market flourished. Data clearly shows, Wealth became more concentrated in the hands of a new Monopoly and Oligarchy. 

·      A greater problem with national security stems from implicit open borders, prompting mass migrations from more impoverished nations. 1.9 billion living on less than  $3.20 a day. In a democracy, no one would vote for unlimited immigration, but the authoritarian globalists sanctioned open borders for cheap labor and personal power.

·      China took globalism a step further by kidnapping globalization as their strategy for world domination. Xi Jinping received a standing ovation at Davos as he presented China’s plans for Globalization and their belt-and-road initiative. The globalist elite would sell out the World’s democracies for Globalization power and wealth.

·      Globalization and a leftist shift, now imposes censorship, control of commerce and perception management. Those and other tenets of Marxism together with public health mandates now challenge the US political system, the rule of law the Constitution and our Democracy.

·      Globalization replaced Nationalism with a vague international governance, Soros, Zuckerberg, the CCP, theWorld Bank, the UN and the international elite without any Democratic recourse for Americans or credible form of international government.

·      Globalization as we allowed it to evolve amounts to more of a Marxist revolution, a new form of Colonialism or a plot for world domination by an as yet unnamed totalitarian rule.


Politically Globalism and a disregard for National interests, provided legislators, the government and the administrations of both political parties extraordinary wealth and power resulting from a sellout of our resources and our own people. Legislators’ accumulated wealth while in office evidences the massive sellout, all in the name of Globalization.


Globalists ignored or bypassed The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and banking regulations leading to Monopoly and Oligarchy. This book outlines the cultural, strategic and macroeconomic elements of Globalization. Every culture fails eventually due to some inherent structural defect from within. Modern Globalization fails due to multiple such defects. Modern Globalization can only succeed by totalitarian control, in this case an Oligarchy or by an actual Communist takeover.


We could have had a global economy and free trade without toxic Globalization. Nations, workers and the global economy could have all three won. Negotiating fair and balanced trade treaties that benefited the costumer, labor and local business, we might have avoided the technocracy, oligarchy and Marxism as the price for admission.



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