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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Four Political Parties

In the 1780s, in the days of John Quincy Adams and the founders of our Constitution, the political tension remained between the Royalists and the Rebels, between the Tories and the Whigs, later the Federalists versus the Democratic Republicans, federalism vs states rights. 

Today, Globalization and the Great Reset versus our Constitutional Republic, overshadows our two traditional Democrat vs Republican parties. Critically we need a more rigorous debate between the Globalists vs Constitutionalists, not orchestrated by a biased media. The Globalists and the Constitutionalists need to more clearly identify and declare themselves, four political parties. 

We have a fifth partie too, if you count foreign Marxist subversion attempting to cause us to destroy ourselves from within. That disruptive presence also needs more illumination. We have a Communist party, but it has no voice in the broadcast debates.


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