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Saturday, October 29, 2022

1177 bc

 Eric Cline’s book 1177bc, the year civilization collapsed, describes the massive invasion of the migrant Sea People, pestilence and drought as the causes of the collapse. Egypt and other countries around the Mediterranean enjoyed great prosperity from extensive trade in goods, metals in a free shipping trade, much like what present day globalization tried to achieve. 

While historians question the causes of the collapse of civilization in a highly successful globalism, might not the collapse of 1177 bc resemble the problems we experience today with Globalization? Massive migration at our southern border, capital divergence, inflation, loss of our middle class, pandemic, war and  global warming- drought.

Globalization or Democracy shows the mechanism of capital divergence underlying the long term cycle of depression. The book further documents the loss of Middle Class, unraveling of representative government and national security. Might inflation and authoritarianism not result from government attempts to stimulate our failing economy — a game of monopoly, all the wealth on Board Walk, game over. We see all the attributes of Eric Cline’s 1177bc collapse plus an energy crisis.


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