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Wednesday, November 30, 2022


 My new book needs a more compelling title than Theory of Moral Imperatives. Bastards sums it up far better. Im still at the outline stage, and I've written several versions as a creative non-fiction with humor. American culture has been circulating the drain for a long time, driven by Socialist policies of equality, entitlements, hysteria and societal depression, not the least of which drives an epidemic of bastards. Should I include suggested solutions? Most writers would not. Intriguing, does 93 years with 50 practicing medicine give me the right? Maybe not.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Dialectic Materialism 2022

 On November 8, 2022 a thin majority of midterm voters confirmed their wish to abandon our Republic in favor of authoritarianism. Directives for the mitigation of the COVID19 pandemic, fighting climate change came with the promise of a Great Reset to International Socialism, Globalization and a new world order.

Subversion of our Republic did not start with climate change, the pandemic or Vietnam but with our independence and freedom in 1776 and our Constitution in 1787. King George pored vast sums of money into overt action and subversion of our new nation. From the start of International Communism with Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels’  Communist Manifesto, Communist dictators targeted America with their highly structured and highly successful strategies of subjugation .

Communist subversion comes in 4 stages - a dialectic.

  • Demoralization 
  • Destabilization 
  • Crisis 
  • Normalization 

Intelligence agencies established NGOs with positive sounding names with enough support to finance any minority with any basis for complaint, not for their benefit, but for persecution, victimization and demoralization. The KGB exploited racial conflict and promoted racism. This successful strategy targeted unions, teachers and even young students setting them against their parents. The war in Vietnam provided Communists a greater chance to set young people against their government. 

The prolonged phase of demoralization succeeded in spawning a whole generation of youth believing that Democracy failed because of racism, corporations and their parents. Ready for the second phase, destabilization, it turned out that the CCP and the PLA utilizing ancient Chinese pathways of bribery and compromise succeeding where the KGB strategy fell short. Through flattery, grant and academic engagement, then with ultimatum, Chinese operatives in Confucius Foundations subverted legislators, city governments, the judiciary, universities, Hollywood, even churches and “defunding the police.” Propaganda, censorship and incarceration without due process lead the parade, all under the banner of Democracy, equality and global warming.

We experienced the conflict, hate, chaos, and crisis, which followed the destabilization. Rioting, murders, conflagration and division. Now comes the normalization phase of the dialectic. Totalitarian control, replace the US dollar with a digital currency, the new Normalization views any resistance as domestic terrorism, or racism, with a promise of zero emissions and a social utopia of equality calling it, saving-our-Democracy.

Importance of Being Someone

            VIctor Davis Hanson wrote a book about the loss of the American citizen. A democracy, a democratic republic cannot exist without responsible citizens. By definition, representative government requires participating citizenship to function. The very concept, however, evolved existentially and evaporated over time.  

             Our founding fathers struggled with the concept of, who were the representatives of the representative government? Men only, no slaves and English law suggested 21 years of age. Should only land owners vote, or should only financially responsible men be allowed to vote. Voting rights evolved, but remain highly contentious today. English law formed the basis for US law and French law in states that were part of the Louisiana purchase. Birth certificates designated legitimate married parents, a designation intended to discriminate against lawless adults and enforce the civil institution of marriage. A felony conviction negated the right to vote, hold office, or in some cases, to obtain a passport.

             Liberalism and existentialism triumphed over the morays of our culture, equality over responsibility. Truth, loyalty, honor, God, and the importance of being someone went the way of all the other American institutions. If you are not someone, you run the risk of being no-one. 


              If US citizenships mean nothing, young people gain nothing by shouldering the responsibilities and discipline required of citizenship. Never mind the classical or cultural virtues. Theresa May said, “If you are a citizen of the World, you are a citizen of nowhere.” If you aren’t someone, you are no-one. You might as well be a citizen of the World, then you are no-one and belong nowhere.


              A father in the house, a good coach, religion and or a disciplined and classical education offer children a foundation, an identify, a definition of citizenship and a way to be someone - hopefully a good citizen.

Tuesday, November 01, 2022


           Mitigating inflation with higher interest rates causes stagflation. Why? The Fed targets unemployment as the yardstick for their intervention. The Phillips curve shows a historical correlation between inflation and low unemployment. It does not show cause and effect. It begs the question, which is worse unemployment or inflation. Truly increasing interest rates to an unsustainable level will eventually cause unemployment to rise and slow inflation. What a cruel solution. 

            If inflation results from simple supply and demand, one might better take action that increases supply of products to the point of reducing demand. Decreasing the money supply also reduces inflation, but an emotional loss of consumer spending also causes establishments to raise their prices to cover their fixed costs.

            Decreased regulation, decreased taxes and local production incentives should do more to control inflation than increased interest rates. Produce your way out of inflation. The velocity of the economy does more than the money supply. 

Monday, October 31, 2022

Suicide of a Civilization

Globalization or Democracy compares present day US concentration of wealth in the hands of the rich, a phenomena economists call capital divergence, with the poverty caused by the industrial revolution and loss of the middle class in England. Eighteenth century England achieved massive wealth through colonialism, empire and world trade. The book argues that a widely forgotten macro economic formula explained the tragic loss of middle class in England and in today’s US globalism.

Sectoral Balances equation by Godley and Cripps, a formula taught in first-year economics where S = domestic savings; m = imports; x = exports; I = investments; g = government spending and t = treasury revenue: 

S + (m-x) = I + (g-t)

          In reading Eric Cline’s 1177, Cline pictures a system of highly developed international trade that looks exactly like what we have now, great wealth, cheap foreign imports and a loss of middle class wealth. The collapse of 1177 involves a mass influx of migrants, pandemic, drought and war. Did the same capital divergence lead the way? And what about Athens? What about Rome. 

          Toynbee said civilizations die by suicide. They do it to themselves from within, not from conquest from without. Today America suffers all of the above with capital divergence, migrants, inflation, pandemic, war, food and energy shortages, fentanyl, suicide, and depression. We did it to ourselves. 

Sunday, October 30, 2022


Saturday, October 29, 2022

1177 bc

 Eric Cline’s book 1177bc, the year civilization collapsed, describes the massive invasion of the migrant Sea People, pestilence and drought as the causes of the collapse. Egypt and other countries around the Mediterranean enjoyed great prosperity from extensive trade in goods, metals in a free shipping trade, much like what present day globalization tried to achieve. 

While historians question the causes of the collapse of civilization in a highly successful globalism, might not the collapse of 1177 bc resemble the problems we experience today with Globalization? Massive migration at our southern border, capital divergence, inflation, loss of our middle class, pandemic, war and  global warming- drought.

Globalization or Democracy shows the mechanism of capital divergence underlying the long term cycle of depression. The book further documents the loss of Middle Class, unraveling of representative government and national security. Might inflation and authoritarianism not result from government attempts to stimulate our failing economy — a game of monopoly, all the wealth on Board Walk, game over. We see all the attributes of Eric Cline’s 1177bc collapse plus an energy crisis.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Experimental indications of non-classical brain functions

Christian Matthias Kerskens and David López Pérez, Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland. Present address: Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences; Jaracza 1, 00-378 Warsaw, Poland.

Abstract (open license)

“Recent proposals in quantum gravity have suggested that unknown systems can mediate entanglement between two known quantum systems, if the mediator itself is non-classical. This approach may be applicable to the brain, where speculations about quantum operations in consciousness and cognition have a long history. Proton spins of bulk water, which most likely interfere with any brain function, can act as the known quantum systems. If an unknown mediator exists, then NMR methods based on multiple quantum coherence (MQC) can act as an entanglement witness. However, there are doubts that today’s NMR signals can contain quantum correlations in general, and specifically in the brain environment. Here, we used a witness protocol based on zero quantum coherence (ZQC) where we minimized the classical signals to circumvent the NMR detection limits for quantum correlation. For short repetitive periods, we found evoked signals in most parts of the brain, whereby the temporal appearance resembled heartbeat-evoked potentials (HEPs). We found that those signals had no correlates with any classical NMR contrast. Similar to HEPs, the evoked signal depended on conscious awareness. Consciousness-related or electrophysiological signals are unknown in NMR. Remarkably, these signals only appeared if the local properties of the magnetization were reduced. Our findings suggest that we may have witnessed entanglement mediated by consciousness-related brain functions. Those brain functions must then operate non-classically, which would mean that consciousness is non-classical.”

Sunday, October 09, 2022


         In 1969 Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote, “. . . nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force. International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation state.”

         Brzezinski played a major role in US foreign policy. He was born in Poland but grew up in Russia. His father was a Polish ambassador to Russia. Later a diplomat to Canada where Zbigniew received his BS and learned American history and English from a Canadian viewpoint. Brzezinski was a contemporary of Kissinger at Harvard. Following the demoralization from the war in Vietnam, one could in-vision a progressive philosophy of internationalism. They promoted globalism through education with an unfortunate disregard for our American Revolution and our messy but fundamental commitment to representative government. 

         Globalization or Democracy traces the way in which this forgotten pronouncement of Brzezinski in 1969 reveled a willingness to abandon our Constitutional Republic for a vague international governance by bankers and techno aristocrats. These elites had little regard for the lost wealth of the American people or the security of our country However, they were happy to cite the growth in investment capital from the spoils of deficit trade.

Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Who’s your Rebel?

The Boston Tea Party heralded American colonists’ resistance to England’s taxation and autocratic authority over their freedom. The Tories and royalists supported King George and Parliament as legal authority, while the people demanded freedom and self government. Our Revolution lead to our Constitutional freedoms and representative government. 


Today, another insurrection seeks to end that Constitution and the legal framework that insures those freedoms with an authoritarian government and an international world order based on banking, multinationals and technology. The demoralization, destabilization and crisis could not be more profound.


The insurrection, not January 6, but the stampede to globalism threatens our Republic and the basic tenets of Western Civilization. Not the far left, not the Republicans, not Trump but a revolt against democracy for the benefit of the rich and an impossible vision of one world equity subordinated by a new aristocracy. How long before a new Joseph Stalin or a new King George.

Saturday, July 30, 2022


 Quarterly GDP down almost 1%, every foreign purchase amounts to a negative entry to our GDP. What’s worse, a like transfer of middle class wealth transfers to our banking and multinational oligarchs. All of which, further diminishes economic velocity and productivity.