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Friday, December 31, 2021


The most accurate and timely government report comes from the Daily Treasury Report in near realtime, within 24 to 48 hours. 
DateTariff bDay bMonth bYear b Balance t
12/29/2019.620.9423942.2 29.447231
32.40%156%42% 31.40%6.90%

These numbers show significant revenue for the US Treasury, mostly from excise tax/tariffs. 
RThe year over increase in reciepts especially for 12/29 and month to date suggests adequate investors liquidity, but less so for thew consumer market. Tariffs, while not a good thing in the long run, keep us afloat in the short run and help us regain our desperately needed manufacturing base. The globalist ideal that we would prosper as a service and agricultural economy did not pan out very well.


 Velocity represents the productive half of the GDP.  Liberal economists overlook or ignore velocity. Legislators and the bureaucracy don’t know what velocity means. Recently the Saint Louis Fed started publishing velocity. Previously one had to divide GDP by M1 to estimate velocity. Even now, these numbers change. The estimate of GDP divided a by the BEA estimate of present M1 does not exactly match  the St. Louis Fed’s listing of the velocity, but close, “good enough for government work.”

The velocity most closely relates to the energy you feel on the street. It equates to productivity and I would argue with happiness and a feeling of prosperity. The GDP does not, nor does the stock market. The numbers below reflect a drop in economic productivity starting in 2008 with minimal recovery in 2018 only to crash in 2020 with the pandemic lockdown. These numbers, while economic, may contribute to the   depression, loss of humor and hate we experience here at year end. The greater problem, however, may be the CCP’s communistic subversion, the globalists and the new oligarch-technocracy. Many seem blind to the threat that these combined elements present.

Two pieces of good news, however, include that the tariffs remain in place, and the Administration wants to block all imports of products from China produced by slave labor or in association with involuntary organ transplant donors. The combination should encourage domestic US manufacturing and consumption with a direct positive effect on the America’s economic velocity, jobs, income and health.

The most accurately and timely government figures come from the Daily Treasury Report. I’ve used these figures as a 

GDP and Money Supply (M1) in trillions
DateGDP tM1 tVelocity

Friday, November 26, 2021

Scientific Consensus, an Oxymoron

 “Science is disruptive, irreverent, dynamic, rebellious, and democratic.” Bobby Kennedy, The Real Anthony Fauci 

Trusted journals, AAAS, NEJM, Nature, now politicized, are clinging to political and bureaucratic consensus. A scientist sits on the back row, distrusts his or her teacher and is prone to disobedience. Science is indeed disruptive and irreverent. It is also inductive, competitive, changing but not deductive. A democratic vote does not serve the scientific method. Careful with the statistics. Let the chips fall where they may. Understand with whom and when the data applies. Distrust all algorithms, guidelines, protocols, non practicing doctors and most published studies.  —Evidence counts, but there is no best evidence. — Then, you my friend, might become a clinical physician. Become a scientist and embrace humanity. Gimmicks, snake oil, profit motive lurk along the way and block the path. Read Hippocrates for the humanity and ethics, and yes for inductive observation.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Chapter 18 Death by Globalism — Sleeping with the Enemy


A siren song for Globalization speaks more for greed and socialism than for equality and free trade.


 Globalization originated with a strategy of promoting peace and preventing wars by discouraging Nationalism and encouraging adversaries to participate in international business and trade. The planners expected that the creation of wealth and interaction through trade would mitigate bad behavior and cause adversaries to embrace international standards of behavior. 


The strategy worked to an off and on degree with Russia’s collapse and resurgence as a more capitalistic totalitarian demi-democracy profiting from oil and natural gas. Russia continued to exploit US racial conflict, however. China’s CCP took subversion to another level with an ancient Chinese form of bribery and blatant espionage. Using America’s own freedom against us China recruited Americans almost at will through flattery, academia, the Internet and finance.  Through a network of Confucius Institutes, willing participants and agents posing as Chinese students, helped themselves to restricted technology, trade secrets and critical military plans. A massive propaganda and educational presence  added support for pro Chinese policies and ideology. It had became highly profitable to sleep with the enemy.


In the name of globalization, with a great deal of foreign influence as shown in preceding chapters, the US financed both Globalization and China’s hidden war against democracy and the US. The strategy proved highly profitable for the globalist, not so much for the American people or our country. If China’s strategy is the destruction of Democracy, they could not have found a more effective weapon than Globalization.


·      From its origins in 1973,  US globalization focused on re-educating our youth towards an international loyalty, discouraging Nationalism. In doing so, globalist ideology undermined Democracy and the spirit of America. It was only a matter of time.

·      Democracy cannot exist without an overwhelming commitment and participation by the people, the rule of law, freedom and ethical values all of which globalism negated.

·      During and after Vietnam, students rioted against American leadership and with it a rejection of American institutions, americanism and traditional western values, embracing globalism and a dream of international citizenship while discounting Democracy and the Republic.

·      Globalization drew funding from and drained America’s wealthy middle class, small business, and the demand side of the consumer markets.

·      The liquidity flow was a guillotine for every day Americans and a windfall for globalists. China in particular, Wall Street, multinational corporations and a new Oligarchy profited from the one sided treaties. 

·      The expectation that adversarial counties would embrace free trade and international rules of trade had ben a total failure.

·      American patriotism, the Constitution and Democracy stood in the way of globalism, supply side profit, greed and international interests. A massive perception management, propaganda machine, furthered the rejection of Democracy, our Republic and by 2021, censorship, propaganda, due process and freedom itself.

·      The indoctrination of globalism completely dominated our Legislature, Judiciary, main stream media, and the entire education system —  advocating a deconstruction of American history, the Constitution and the Republic. 

·      A cry for Socialism grew, abated by foreign subversion and race bating with rioting, looting and lawlessness. — death blows to Democracy, arguably feed by communist ideology.

·      Globalists carried out a well financed campaign of disinformation and demoralization, aided by the asymmetrical warfare and idealogical brainwashing from the CCP. 

·      Communist subversion, an integral part of the duel nature of globalism, comes in four stages. Twenty years or so of demoralization followed by re-education then chaos and a climax leading to the new world order called normalization —- incompatible with Democracy. 

·      The ideological subversion was embraced by a wealthier, highly educated journalist class embracing the false flag of racism as a further means of currying favor and wealth through wokeism.

·      Like globalism, Wokeism works like another form of Marxist dialectic materialism or Hitlers Nazism. Find some universal grievance. Victimize the oppressed then war against a scapegoat of your choice,  a political opponent, an institution, a country or yes a race, all for the benefit of a class or political movement at hand. Hardly Democratic.

·      Most agree that free trade creates wealth and prosperity for both near-equal trading partners, but Globalization, as we had allowed it to evolve, encouraged free movement of manufacturing in quest of cheap indentured labor and less regulation. It lead to massive job loss. 

·      Globalists demanded open borders for cheap labor and expansion, breaking immigration laws and lowering American wages in doing so.

·      American citizens had a right to protection under the Constitution, but the outsourcing of both manufacturing and labor without debate or a vote, denied them such protection.  

·       Globalization risks freedom itself. No one will pay you to be free, but many would pay you to be less free or cause others to be less free. That’s exactly the case with unemployment due to outsourcing of American jobs or the exploitation of cheap indentured foreign labor.

·      Globalization undermined national security with a loss of critical manufacturing, steel, aluminum, rare earth minerals, petroleum, etc.

·      Globalization, inclusion and diversity brings together incompatible cultures. Immigration built this country but with immigrants eager to assimilate into theAmerican culture. Many immigrants today would rather change us than change themselves. The dream of one world would have us all inclusive, but to do so erases civilization and the cultures therein. Only through competition and variety will civilization advance. Some may prefer a king, some a prime minister and some an elected president. Plato called for a compassionate prince.

·      Further vulnerabilities arose from China’s demand for shared technology, theft of industrial and military secrets and cyber warfare, a means of both theft and bribery, all a subversion of Globalism and our Democracy.  

·      Numbers from the Bureau of Economic Analysis clearly showed a drain on both market liquidity, the velocity within the GDP, personal spending and personal income while the stock market flourished. Data clearly shows, Wealth became more concentrated in the hands of a new Monopoly and Oligarchy. 

·      A greater problem with national security stems from implicit open borders, prompting mass migrations from more impoverished nations. 1.9 billion living on less than  $3.20 a day. In a democracy, no one would vote for unlimited immigration, but the authoritarian globalists sanctioned open borders for cheap labor and personal power.

·      China took globalism a step further by kidnapping globalization as their strategy for world domination. Xi Jinping received a standing ovation at Davos as he presented China’s plans for Globalization and their belt-and-road initiative. The globalist elite would sell out the World’s democracies for Globalization power and wealth.

·      Globalization and a leftist shift, now imposes censorship, control of commerce and perception management. Those and other tenets of Marxism together with public health mandates now challenge the US political system, the rule of law the Constitution and our Democracy.

·      Globalization replaced Nationalism with a vague international governance, Soros, Zuckerberg, the CCP, theWorld Bank, the UN and the international elite without any Democratic recourse for Americans or credible form of international government.

·      Globalization as we allowed it to evolve amounts to more of a Marxist revolution, a new form of Colonialism or a plot for world domination by an as yet unnamed totalitarian rule.


Politically Globalism and a disregard for National interests, provided legislators, the government and the administrations of both political parties extraordinary wealth and power resulting from a sellout of our resources and our own people. Legislators’ accumulated wealth while in office evidences the massive sellout, all in the name of Globalization.


Globalists ignored or bypassed The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and banking regulations leading to Monopoly and Oligarchy. This book outlines the cultural, strategic and macroeconomic elements of Globalization. Every culture fails eventually due to some inherent structural defect from within. Modern Globalization fails due to multiple such defects. Modern Globalization can only succeed by totalitarian control, in this case an Oligarchy or by an actual Communist takeover.


We could have had a global economy and free trade without toxic Globalization. Nations, workers and the global economy could have all three won. Negotiating fair and balanced trade treaties that benefited the costumer, labor and local business, we might have avoided the technocracy, oligarchy and Marxism as the price for admission.


Thursday, October 28, 2021


 The Christmas trees already decorated and only October 28

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Public Health Failure meets Rules Based Medicine Failure

Once upon a time, Public Health kept the water safe and enforced quarantine for highly contagious diseases. Physicians were highly educated, judgmental and organizationally disciplined.

Since the HIV epidemic, liberal planing introduced two changes. 1. Liberals passed legislation forbidding routine testing for HIV and tightened the rules insuring patient’s medical confidentiality to the point of stiffening both continuity of care and medical education. 2. An overgrown medical bureaucracy introduced rules based medical care based on guidelines with disciplinary measures against physicians not following those guidelines. 

If nothing else, the CoV2 pandemic exposed these failures. Firstly, the inertia of Public Health in reacting to the pandemic lead to a faster and broader spread of the disease. Rules based guidelines became obsolete by the time they are published. Contact tracing and quarantine was overwhelmed. Secondly, guidelines denied the use of treatments not supported by as yet incomplete double blind studies. 

Universal rules forgo regional variability and the magic of multiple trial and error, an end of the scientific method. Medical bureaucracy insisted on a negative interpretation of the relevance and validity of many published clinical trials, not completed and interpreted by themselves. These acronymous agencies, CDC, FDA, NIH, HHS and a plethora of others placed greater value on population wide studies, statistics and completion of years long studies. The inertia of time alone rendered their judgments irrelevant. This egregious denial of care from government entities resulted in many unnecessary deaths and continues to do so today. 

Traditionally, the consideration of multiple clinical trials and clinical judgment was the prerogative of individual clinicians viewing multiple variables. Any clinical physician knows that treatment is highly individual and enhanced by the presence of a trusted physician, and that most clinical studies contain a bias of one sort or another: independent variables, clinical bias, incompetence, statistical or just plain inertia. Then enters political bias. Hospital employers even licensing agencies got into the act threatening  consequences for any deviation from their negative guidelines.

The generations long history of treating Influenza included off label drugs with antiviral efficacy and support with multiple strategies including optimal treatment of underlying conditions and support of the immunize system. The same could apply to COVID19. With a death rate over 20% for patients over 70, physicians needed to be free to treat early and try options.

In the heat of the pandemic, with rigid guidelines, other serious conditions were neglected. Guidelines, algorithms and artificial intelligence fell far short of adequate management of the multiple problems and fast changing threats.

Friday, September 03, 2021


 Fundamental religions and cultures come together in rejecting Liberal Globalism.

Wednesday, September 01, 2021


Eighty seven generals and admirals sign a letter demanding the resignation of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Army General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Suicide would be an option, but the only honorable thing would be resignation and fading away in infamy.

Dr. Birx

 Deborah Birx, m.d. 

“You know, many of those issues around DPA were obviously also done under the Trump administration, and that's the way we got these vaccines made and we got therapeutics out, so from Remdesivir to supporting Gilead to Regeneron and Lilly and the companies working on monoclonal antibodies. And so I don't want to ever leave the impression that there weren't people at every level working every day within the Trump administration to ensure that testing was improved, that therapeutics and vaccines were available. I think they've done a remarkable job at putting together the federal level communication about what are the best public health interventions that we need to follow as a country in a very consistent manner. That radiates from the White House out through all the agencies, and I think that is critically important when you want people to change their behavior.“ April 2021 CSIS interview. 

Monday, August 30, 2021

Vaccine Logic, Alex Berenson

“Twitter Permanently Suspends Alex Berenson over Viral COVID-19 Tweets” the actual tweet:

“SARS-CoV-2-naive vaccines had a 13.06-fold increased risk for breakthrough infection with the Delta variant compared to those previously infected, when the first event (infection or vaccination) occurred during January and February of 2021,” the study reads. Those who were vaccinated, the study found, were also at a higher risk of being hospitalized compared to people who were previously infected.”

Berenson worked for The New York Times from 1999 until 2010, and this form of false logic has been present in many mainstream media headlines, a logic that insists that because this is true that is true also.

The NYT, CNN and others use this classic form of false logic almost routinely to advance a kind of perception management that borders on propaganda. With propaganda, the Nazis did not bother with false logic. Tell a lie enough times and most people will believe it. There’s some of that here too politically. The above example comes from a speech at  the Conservative Political Action Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Fla., on Feb. 26, 2021. 

Note the two true statements, natural immunity working better than vaccination as well as natural immunity affording a lower risk of hospitalization. These true statements not so subtly imply a negative connotation about the vaccine’s efficacy when in fact the vaccine reduces the death rate from the Delta variant dramatically. Achieving natural immunity by contracting the disease is no way to prevent the disease and demands an unacceptable risk of death especially for older people.

COVID-19 Vaccination - Centers for Disease Control and ...

Reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination are rare. More than 357 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through August 16, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 6,789 reports of death (0.0019%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.


The above CDC numbers suggest 3.9 COVID19 deaths per 100,000 vaccinated persons (assuming  all received two shots) compared to 199 COVID19 deaths per 100,000 in the general population. I doubt any statistics other than reported-deaths because case numbers, hospitalizations and incidence of positive tests, all have a wide latitude of independent variables. Comorbidity and unrelated age and illness distort the death tole too, but not as much, and death certificate remains a legal document. 



Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Architectural Clinic Isolation for Infectious Disease

 Infectious disease amounts to a larger fraction of any Family Practice or Pediatric office as it is in an Internal Medicine ID practice. Emergency Rooms pose a similar challenge, mixing other medical and surgical patients with the unwanted exposure to transmissible infections. Historically a fact of life, today’s pandemic experience suggests a major medical clinic redesign with separate waiting rooms and separate examining rooms, two wings with isolation procedures between. 

Looking at this architectural challenge from a private office small clinic perspective, the added cost must be offset by a broader and safer patient care and service. It may require separate IM from ID nursing, but doing so may both increase capacity and quality of care. Expect a higher laundry bill with a wash/changing room for gown and mask between suites. Experience presented many space utilization lessons during a varied medical career and architecture remains a first and neglected love. Patient flow and space utilization can offset the additional costs of design. Design and plan for circulation, plenty of room and patient safety, but make sure every square foot and every employee more than pays for itself.

January 6

 A more historical view of the so-called capital riots from a non political view might recognize a more legitimate cry from a free people disenfranchised by a socialist takeover. To the victor goes the spoils, however, including the official version of events and the characterization of the Capital demonstrations and break-in as a criminal insurrection. History could paint quite another picture if in fact, the socialist Technocracy does not prevail in the long run.

While progressive thinking abhors the poverty, capital divergence, and merit based capitalist economy, the Left seeks equality, healthcare, education and redistribution of wealth. However, the propaganda, censorship, and control necessary to achieve these goals turn authoritarian. Globalization was no small part in the socialist gain and paradoxically lead to the Technocracy that profited from and will continue to profit even more from the socialist outcome. So, which side deserves the title of insurrectionist? Maybe both.

The age old political economic tension between liberty and equality contributed to the failure of Democracy in Athens over two thousand years ago. Plato wrote that a Democracy would devolve into an Oligarchy. Ours devolved into a Socialistic Technocracy. For good or for bad, time will tell. Historians will write January 6 as a capital riot or to the contrary the people’s song charging and climbing the walls of the people’s house.

US political divergence rivals our capital divergence. A middle ground should not even require compromise, but politicians seeking power and wealth surely will. The right must embrace education, healthcare especially mental hospitals while the Left must embrace the marginal return, and productivity of capitalism. Call the agreement infrastructure that benefits them both. — And term-limits to reduce the greed.

False. logic and Fact Checking

 Fact checking, clinical trials, censorship and the news media suffer a similar problem in logic. Aristotle’s 13 Refutations comes as a start. Often times, the problem arises from asking the wrong question or assuming that a conclusion actually answers the question at hand. Scientific journals struggle with the interpretation of studies looking for independent variables and bias. The Journal may or may not ask the right question, but when fact checkers, government censors or the media attempt an interpretation, you can bet that they will not. Censorship of enthusiasts or doubters limits the very foundations of the scientific method, politicization of scientific discourse is even more so.. 

Thursday, August 12, 2021

FSMP (specialty boards) threatens physician license for posting falsehoods on social media

 A dangerous suppression of conjecture, FSMP risks further stifling of the very science they strive to protect. Two statements partially raise a concern: “Statements that the distributor knows are false,” and “scientifically grounded and concerns-driven for the betterment of public health.” 

The distributor, unless a panel of clinical physicians, has no capacity to determine facts, and the panel of clinicians can only offer opinion. Concerns-driven, offers only a broad political consensus, and we see how factual political consensus might be.

Common sense and the FDA, as it stands, supports a positive risk benefit for the US vaccines, but don’t pretend that a medical judgment is other than a medical judgment or that the distributor can know all the facts.

Delta Variant

 Hospital following WHO guidelines, that means the outpatient clinic doing so as well. Don’t treat until viral pneumonia sets in. Let the old folks die off, but collect the maximum revenue on the way out on the respirator. Better to follow the FLCCC protocol.