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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sexuality and Women’s Health

 OB GYN deals with sexuality, reproduction and a part off the anatomy that many would call politically incorrect. The same kind of denial came with the Dark Ages with religious taboos. Especially, in the Arab World; doctors we’re prohibited from seeing or touching a woman, and women were considered private chattel. Today, we share much of the same as in the Dark Ages. Women become more insistent on examination through their clothing and hyper vigilant for opportunity to complain of sexism, and to join with  the same political subordination and ignorance as in the Dark Ages. Humor is taboo. 

Professional insurance premiums reach unsustainable levels. Female OB GYN specialists solves one problem but that eliminates half or more of the profession. Then too, an equal opportunity policy for nursing assistance and dictations from both insurance companies, hospital employers and HHS cause many physicians to leave the specialty, or for Family Physicians to avoid the field. Reluctance to make professional decisions and guidelines leads to unjustifiable C-Section rates.

Midwives fill the gap for easy delivery multips but fall short with sudden emergencies and GYN issues. The US perinatal mortality rate reflects the political correctness problem, but OB is only a part of primary care for the broad tapestry of women’s health. 

In teaching physical exam to first year medical students, I found that the syllabus required the same identity for women in the sexually active, reproductive and gynecological years as for anyone else; just fine for training algorithm doctors, but way short for women’s health. An appropriate heading for all women should include age, date of the last menstrual period, gravity and parity, abortion and if appropriate, possibility of pregnancy and sexually active or not. If this relevant information gets buried in the past medical history, the diagnosis can be lost while still checking all the boxes. The art of medicine in all issues of sexuality, function and dysfunction for both sexes requires love and humor, with the possible exception of cancer. Humor in medicine is not sexist. All this seems self evident, but much of our common sense seems lost in favor of political correctness, guidelines and corporate profit.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Humor and healing of Francisco Rabelais

 Francois Rabelais (  1494-1553   ) was a French writer, physician, humorist and clergyman.. Rabelais became a famous physician using humor in treating his patients. He wrote prodigiously, and was known for such ribald tales.  as Gargantua and Pantagrus. 

His bawdy jokes and songs would label him today as “sexist,” but humor helped heal his patients. Rabelais studied Greek, translated Hippocrates and Galen. He studied at Montpellier and taught at Lyons. Francois helped bring the Renascence and Greco- Roman medicine up the Roan River with hiss scholarly interpretation of the times. Rabelais used humor and humanity to write satire depicting the excesses of the aristocracy and the religious abuses of the dark ages. Historians credit Rabelais as one of the most important writers of the Renaissance and one of histories great physicians.
US medicine needs a large dose of Rabelais and his treasured Hippocrates.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Average Deaths per 7 Day US


Friday, May 28, 2021

Moral Sentiments xx Love

 God is love. That is my belief. Throughout the history of man, religion of one sort or another has played a major role in establishing the taboos, morays and civility of cultures as it does so today. Some genomic correlations show a DNA sequence associated with cooperative behavior. From an evolutionary perspective one might imagine a survival benefit from cooperative behavior. Other behaviors too must have contributed to the success or failure of a group, a state or a culture. Was this cooperative gene the love gene? Probably not but close. After all what is love but the ultimate expression of cooperation, and surely we have a monogamy sequence nearby, variably expressed, evident throughout the animal kingdom. 

The success or failure of each succeeding culture depended so much on cooperation that there must have been a spontaneous voice to that need, first as the tribal shaman, then as an organized religion. According to Toynbee, civilizations rise, meet their potential then collapse due to some internal fatal flaw. The rejection of religion and the cooperation imperative may be one such fatal flaw. 

Western Civilization’ present pandemic of hate, selfishness and agnosticism may be a warning sign. Behavior wise, we are circulating the drain.

Architecture and Bioinformatics: Application of DNA alignment methods to human behaviors ...

Sunday, May 23, 2021


Republicans might consider a number of strategies that drive the “woke” Democrats and do them one better. Conservatives now represent the people while big tech, multinationals and banks run the Left.
  • Excess concentration of wealth in the hands of these few oligarchs along with the economic drain on the American people needs more attention than conservatives give it. If left as it is, the power and wealth corrupts our laws, our Constitution and our freedom. Without going for the extreems of redistribution, a balanced taxation and better controls on monopoly, fake news, banks, loopholes to the rules and inheritance would improve the fairness of the playing field and actually improve productivity and competition. 
  • Massive numbers of semi literate — mostly fatherless — semi criminal, mostly males who taunt the police, demonstrate, loot and riot, present a major problem. A totalitarian government will eliminate them, but we need a better solution. Old fashion education starting early with quality male leadership and discipline would provide the sense of family values most of them were missing. Teach ethics and virtue, Western values and history while extending mandatory education to the age of 21. Making room for military service and jobs with academic oversite, like internships. States competing with one another should yield the best results. Some federal subsidies and restriction against political brainwashing might be needed. Teach history. Encourage independent thinking. 
  • Republicans resist public healthcare, yet as it is, bureaucracy and corporations so dominate our healthcare system as to make it second rate. The statistics place US healthcare behind the rest of the industrial world. The conservative solution should recognize healthcare as a fundamental right, an infrastructure supporting Human Resources in a business sense. Get the bureaucrats and corporations out of medicine. Public Health, yes, but bring medicine back to the medical schools, primary care and real physicians. Encourage and fund medical school driven public healthcare. De-emphasize the specialty and surgical boards, hospitals, and drug companies. Encourage private medicine with private insurance to compete against public medicine run by the State’s medical schools and medical school connected clinics. Compete for patient enrollment, price and quality outcome.
  • The infrastructures can be improved with businesslike marginal return, including energy independence, the electrical grid and even ocean cleanup. Clean energy strategies can work but only with competitive inovative private utilities. Energy independence remains the first priority. 
  • Public Health, FDA, CDC and NIH did little to clean up lead and mercury. Globalism did nothing for the oceans. Think marginal return.
  • Private enterprise can surely run a rail system, but those capable must be motivated to do so. Even the street car of the 40s would be an improvement. Transportation is infrastructure too by nature, needing some subsidy.
  • These investments can be made by conservative business interests with businesslike margins even education. Adequate discipline and citizenship in education more than offsets the social costs, the government costs of a failed generation.The burden of educating our children cannot fall to the children who are educated or to low income parents. It should be easy to see that the cost of education pays for itself in reduced crime and productive citizens. All these considerations should drive home the importance of and the quality of Citizenship and strengthen the mission of the Republican Party in representing its citizens.

Subversion, worse than before WW2

    Big business, the media, Hollywood, drug cartels, China, Russia and politicians invests in changing America. The concatenation of interests results in a tragic subversion of our Democracy and freedom.
    The Technocracy benefits from cheap labor and an international market. The media while funded by China and the Oligarch, no longer reports news, but rather perception management, propaganda and a quest for power. Hollywood too promotes foreign interests and degenerate behavior as a marketing plan leading to further destabilization. The drug cartels thrive on the chaos and depression while supplied by foreign Inteligence agencies. The CCP funds bribery and delivers fentanyl on an industrial scale undermining law, politics, education, religion and our military. Russia has done the same for over 70 years but not on the scale of China. Politicians as described by Plato 2500 years ago, found permanent wealth and power by selling out the riches of the people they no longer represented. Bill Gates buys up farmland. Communists promote and exaggerate a mostly false narrative of American Racism.
   A perfect storm rages in Washington favoring the abandonment of American institutions, Democracy and freedoms in favor of a Chinese style Internationalism, behavior management and dystopia. A citizen of the World, a quest for an ideal from which these entities gain, but this new Oligarchy rules with only a vague sense of governance by an internationalist elite, the UN, the World Economic Forum, subverted professors

other acronymous entities and China’s Belt and Road Initiative for World domination. We might just as well call it World Communism. It’s time for the Woke to awaken. Neither political party wants this level of subversion. Some would say we have already lost the war with China, at least the economic and moral ones.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Moral Sentiments, 1 Flip Flop

Psychological experiments show that prison guards and prisoners, over time, evolve changing relationships. The evolution of a changing character seems to occur between hostile nations with each evolving towards the other, adopting many of each other’s characteristics. After WWII, with the Cold War, it seemed odd how quickly vodka became the drink of choice for many Americans. Today we see a cultural switcheroo in which Russia appears to have adopted the worst of Capitalism and the Mafia, while the US adopts not just vodka but many elements of failed Socialism and, with help from the CCP, a move towards Communism. 
Politically too in America, since the reconstruction, our fiercely competitive political parties have all but switched sides; the political hatred blinding both sides from common sense and the obvious. On such tidal waves of cultural change, civilizations thrive or parish.

Globalization or Democracy

Globalization or Democracy, you can have Globalization or you can have Democracy, but you can not have both. While foreign subversion promoted rioting and burning in our streets, The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) waged unrestricted warfare against our economy and infiltrated our country without firing a single shot. The economics of Globalization begin as a worthy strategy and a credible ideal, but evolved into an Oligarchy, the CCP's new world order and an attempted world domination by Communism. This book takes a deep factual, historical and strategic look at the evolution of this failed trade strategy and the manner in which international and multinational interests drove a policy of multilateral trade into a Marxist exploitation of the American taxpayer. Globalism drove what Piketty called a capital-diversion to the benefit a new Technocracy and an internationalist elite. Now out of the COVID19 pandemic, emerges a further threat in the form of the Great-Reset effecting both the international monetary system and a resurrection of Globalization.

The book contains extensive historical reference to the champions and critics of Western Civilization. We further outline element of trade velocity as the more important multiple in the GDP. The book further outlines the liquidity flows in the macroeconomic-equation, a phenomena supported by the numbers, numbers that appear to be discounted by many political economists. The book ends with a plea for education, an education of our youth with Western virtues, civility and a bit of self-reliance, teamwork, discipline and a rejection of Communist ideation.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Globalization or Democracy, you cannot have both

Now more relevant than ever


 The best I can say, I’ve never gone broke, at least not yet, and I’ve been in the market since 1954. Light weight, I’ve never had a great amount to invest, but managed to live modestly on my returns. Over the years, a few guidelines have proved helpful. It’s a cold foggy and snowing Saturday after a week in which the market is changing with maybe the beginning of rising intersex rates. I’m inclined to share some of what I’ve learned. 
First, I think that most of the investment gurus who force you to listen to an hour of their BS before offering a single stock tip and a promise of many more for only some thousands of dollars a year, but with this onetime only offer of  $49.99 — amount to investors who failed at some point along the way and turn to the internet want-to-be for a recovery.
My father did well with IBM and Anheuser-Bush; he was shroud, I was not. My first stock was General Dynamics. I held it far a long time and nothing much changed.  Then I read The Battle for Investment Survival, Gerald M. Loeb 1935 with some 13 reprints and counting. — basically stay in cash until you spot a high probability of 100% growth, stop your losses and don’t bet the farm.
Doctors are inclined to brag about their losses in the surgeon’s lounge, and then one day a radiologist who was inclined to remain silent, shared his stock market graphs. He was the only one not suffering loses. From then on, I became a chartist.  I followed every pattern I could find. Equities are not a zero net gain gabble. Options are. Equities tend to grow over time despite their ups and downs and occasional company failure. None the less, I believe that one must be in the market on a daily basis and monitor your companies as your own. I’ll list a few things I look for. Obviously I’m thinking about it.
  1. Is it a strong company favored currently by institutional investors, a leading market segment.
  2. Accelerated earnings, good chart pattern
  3. I do technology almost exclusively because I tend to understand the science.
  4. With rising interest rates, companies with little or no debt
  5. The PEG, the ratio of %growth to the Price earnings ratio, (1) or less is good, include R&D 
  6. A chart that shows a promising pattern. Otherwise you tend to buy high 
  7. Look for the inflection point on a cup and handle pattern or a W shaped pattern — 
  8. Having said that, buy low and sell high!
  9. Check over sold / under sold, various chart indicators like Bollinger Bands or MACD.
  10. Draw a linear regression line to see a clear statistical line of progress. 
  11. Buy below the line and sell above the line.
  12. Look for operating margins 20% or more. Same for return on equity
  13. Look for a company, you know something about that the market undervalues.
  14. Look for 100% Groth probability and buy early.
  15. Selling high or long term hold is my hardest decision
  16. Look for owner participation and insider trading
  17. Look for increasing institutional buying 
  18. The average daily volume, times 20, divided by the float, shows relative current activity and interest
  19. Market liquidity can be seen as a proxy in the Daily Treasury revenue compared year over.
  20. Interest rates inhibit, inflation drives higher
  21. Of these, read the charts, all of them, every day, 3 day, 3mo, 1 year.
  22. Study A/D accumulation distribution which you can see on the candle graph.
  23. Don’t talk about it. Don’t listen to others. Don’t follow stock tips - queers the deal.
  24. Discipline yourself to distinguish gambling from investing.
  25. Keep it simple within your own capacity. 
  26. Preserve capital above all

V Shaped Bottoms (addendum)

  1. Don’t sell if you’ve missed the stop.
  2. Look for a 4th day of increasing volume and price for the market, your segment and your equity before buying back in. The reversal should be sharp and enthusiastic.😏 
  3. Better yet, read your copy of Globalization or Democracy and consider the market risk from the extent of CCP, technocratic and globalist insurgency in our markets.


Celebrating diversity of incompatible cultures instead of assimilation, brings us the chaos of a third world order. Communism inflicts demoralization, destabilization and chaos, the dialectic of subversion. Tragically we see.


I think truth, fact and meaning are three distinct things. I think some of the willingness of journalists to engage in fake news comes from projecting and confusing meaning with truth or actual fact. I read statements such as, “It is an existential threat.” From my interpretation of existential, that would mean only a threat the journalist’s mind.
Listening to Jordan Peterson at the Oxford Union, I would ask him his interpretation of the above and his definition of existential. Think I’ll check out his book on meaning. Peterson has an interesting suggested book list.

If this were a Tom Clancy Story

Considering a sudden destabilization of the Eastern Ukraine conflict at the border with Russia, — and why now — Putin might better strengthen Vladivostok and his extensive border with China. If this was a Tom Clancy book, Ukraine would be a deliberate distraction to draw Russian forces to the west whilst the PLA, with massive ground forces, invades resource rich Eastern Russia, instead of Taiwan. Deception, and an undefended border, might present the World with an accomplished deed far from the reach of the Quad alliance, the US Navy, and Russia’s mechanized ground forces.

Communist Manifesto, the ten planks of a Socialist Revolution

Karl Marx Communist Manifesto (the ten planks)

On the road to Dystopia! No longer a Democracy, the Oligarchs conspire with the Chinese Communist Party with unrestricted warfare, for power and wealth and the destruction of America. In the end Communism. No longer a secret 

 1.     Abolition of private property in land and application of all rents of land to public purpose.

Look out for the Great Reset, With the US a vassal state of China, we will be all Big Tech and agriculture. China will own us by direct foreign investment (DFI) from the CCP, with our own money.

 2.     A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

Any doubt about the new deal income tax?

 3.     Abolition of all rights of inheritance.

New income tax reform, wealth tax and inheritance tax

Marriage and parenting abolished favoring open relationships

 4.     Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.

Already contemplated for conservatives, the Oligarchs may be next

 5.     Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly

Modern monitory theory (MMT), Central Bank, great currency reset

 6.     Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the state.

Censorship, brainwashing by controlled media, propaganda, a worldwide phenomena

 7.     Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state; the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.

All manufacturing in China, Bill Gates purchase of farm land. FiveG, artificial Inteligence, facial recognition,

 8.     Equal obligation of all to work.  Establishment of Industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

Open borders with unlimited numbers of compliant followers

  9.     Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.

Bill Gates purchase of massive tracts of farm land and Nevada’s Big Tech cities on undeveloped land with laws of their own

 10.  Free education for all children in government schools. Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production.

Marxism under the guise of Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT)


Sunday, February 21, 2021

Globalization is Back

“America is back.” So, what can we expect? Certainly more unemployment, more outsourcing, a further shift of wealth from the middle class to the ruling elite. Multinationals will be the beneficiaries. The US economy may surely decline. We might expect to see more Chinese Communist infiltration into US society as well as international governance.  

The Great Currency Reset may be harder to predict. An international crypto currency based on gold or other commodities, might be a more secure form of cash, but it would remove what little advantage the US still has in international trade. The World Trade Organization might attempt to foster greater international equality with its currency reset — again, at the expense of the US in general. 

For now, equalities may be safer to hold than cash, as long as the Federal Reserve keeps expanding the US money supply. Many hedge with Bitcoin, but Chinese investors more or less control that market, and its still awkward to deal with Bitcoin as a currency. In a sense Bitcoin is a bet on China. This of course is all speculation, but we need to be aware of coming change.

Plato’s Republic, book VIII described a democracy evolving into an oligarchy and thence a tyranny. — I hope not.

Monday, February 15, 2021

An Act of War or the End of Freedom

While rioters set fire to the streets of our cities, China conducts “Unrestricted Warfare “ against America and the West, without firing a single shot.

Globalization or Democracy 


I finished editing Globalization or Democracy over a year ago. I reported on both  the progression of globalism, and the economic war waged against America by China. The book further outlined the origins and abetment of our leadership in selling out the wealth of our nation, and exposed the resulting carnage. 


In looking back over the events of the last twelve months, however, the reality appears far darker. Espionage, bribery, blackmail and disinformation kindled a takeover of our media, our schools and our government. A growing Oligarchy appears complicit. A communistic idealogical subversion undermines our freedom with political chaos, propaganda and widespread censorship. 


I don’t think either political body wants this, but will they wake up to the war we have all but lost — perhaps not until shots are fired, or the People’s Liberation Army invades Alaska.


Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Early High-Titer Plasma Therapy to Prevent Severe Covid-19 in Older Adults

NEJM 2021 January 6 


Romana Libster, M.D. Argentina, Fundación INFANT

A year later and evidence based medicine, that is medicine by bureaucratic edict, only now publishes results that, I wager, every clinical physician knew or at least strongly suspected from the outbreak. The president’s physicians at Walter Reed treated appropriately and early. Why were physicians attempting early treatment punished, some even loosing their license or their jobs? If evidence based authorities assessed outcome by correct diagnosis and the experience of the clinical physician and the clinic, they might find a more efficacious treatment for their guidelines, but even then, the protocol would be outdated because medicine moves so fast. 

In the case of this pandemic, lives could have been saved. Convalescent plasma, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D, C and Melatonin all found advocates. It would not be a secret to also credit the presence of a trusted family physician giving emotional support, mitigating fear, thus strengthening the patient’s immune system spontaneously from within by some ill defined neural-humeral pathway. Yes, early convalescent plasma works, but we knew that all along.