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Thursday, June 16, 2022


 Politicians at a very young age realized that they were treated special, that they could get away with things and be rewarded in ways that others could not. They soon realized that they could trade on their personality and not have to work, that they could get elected or rewarded in high school and college without even trying. Later, politisions found that they could thrive in the community without working, getting rich on other peoples money. Hardly a trustworthy trait for representative government or personal character. But that’s what we’ve got.

All the Light You Cannot See

 A beautiful book, I'm reading for the second time. The story serves as a perfect metaphor, light as the medium for understanding. The story enters the quantum world with light in a narrow band of the infinite range of electromagnetic wavelength, all of which is invisible but also the medium for understanding. Marie-Laure’s blindness contrasts with the blind radio waves of the French resistance and self realization of a German boy caught up in the blindness if Hitler’s Germany. The story captures the blindness of a German populism to the Nazi propaganda and indoctrination of a generation and those who go along.

Today All the Light You Cannot See serves as a further metaphor for the past idealogical subversion of generations of American children, idealistically goose stepping to the anti American, socialist narrative of their teachers. This narrative, in my view stemms from the anti American demonstrations during and after the war in Vietnam. A shadow government, NGOs and bureaucracy, blinded by the light, led to a self destruction of our freedom and voice from within. This educated elite cannot stop until they destroy our republic or until they themselves are defeated. Democracy remains a light they cannot see while the ether vibrates with quantums of their propaganda, advancing the false narrative of a vague international elite. I hope the light of our resistance will overcome and be less violent than that in Saint-Malo. We will see what happens. Others may draw different meanings, but this book delights the sole in many ways with elegant writing, a best book.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Deregulate the Doctors

 Doctors quit medicine in droves while medical schools modified curriculum to accommodate the new guideline regulated standard care. Doctors quit because regulation, the greed and overriding authority of hospitals, medical bureaucracy and insurance companies interfered with their patient care and medical judgment.

Guidelines favoring expensive treatments without adequate diagnosis or even interest in correct diagnosis, led to lower life expectancy, erosion of professionalism, science, trust and the ranking of American medicine throughout the industrial world.

Politically Speaking

 It’s not about Democrats versus Republicans, not even Socialism versus Capitalism. It’s about a shadow government bent on destroying our Democracy and our freedom from within in favor of a vague totalitarian internationalism with world wide égalité of the masses favoring international banking, multinationals, oligarchs, and the same shadow elite.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Simple End to Inflation and Depression

 Lay off 2/3 of all federal employees and raise tariffs to 60% applied to ALL imports. Prevent electric companies from taxing home solar. Deregulate all energy production until full recovery of the economy. Leadership requires a cheerleader for productivity and morale. Lower interest rates. Growth will swallow the excess M2. Waive self employment and small business tax if proven product and service growth. Manufacture and buy American. 

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Four Political Parties

In the 1780s, in the days of John Quincy Adams and the founders of our Constitution, the political tension remained between the Royalists and the Rebels, between the Tories and the Whigs, later the Federalists versus the Democratic Republicans, federalism vs states rights. 

Today, Globalization and the Great Reset versus our Constitutional Republic, overshadows our two traditional Democrat vs Republican parties. Critically we need a more rigorous debate between the Globalists vs Constitutionalists, not orchestrated by a biased media. The Globalists and the Constitutionalists need to more clearly identify and declare themselves, four political parties. 

We have a fifth partie too, if you count foreign Marxist subversion attempting to cause us to destroy ourselves from within. That disruptive presence also needs more illumination. We have a Communist party, but it has no voice in the broadcast debates.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

All the Light

 If we experience the predicted depression, how long before we cut down trees for firewood and burn our fake wood furniture to stay warm. If the aim is to end fossil fuel and mitigate global warming, how can an unaffordable cost and tax on electricity achieve a switch from fossil fuel to electricity? Not much to eat by candlelight, the light we cannot see.

Ending global warming by socialist edict, whether national or international, already proves contre-productive. A technological transition to sustainable energy can only grow from enterprise, productivity and marginal return, something that only the middle class business man understands. Politicians and academics do not, no light and no heat at the end of this socialist tunnel. 

Friday, June 10, 2022


 In 1969 Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote, . nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force. International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation state.”

These words form the central kernel of everything I write against Globalization. Brzezinski was born in Warsaw Poland in 1028 His father was a Polish diplomat posted to Germany 1931-35 and Moscow 1936-38. Zbigniew grew up knowing Russia, Germany and the beginning of WWII. In 1938 his father was posted to Montreal, Canada where Zbigniew learned English and presumably the American revolution from a Canadian perspective. He received his BS and Masters in Canada and only later his PhD from Harvard. He became a U.S. citizen in 1958. Brzezinski served as a counselor to LBJ, 1966-68 and National Security Advisor under Jimmy Carter, 1977-81. He belonged to the Realist school of foreign policy, arguing against President Eisenhower’s and John Foster Dulles’s push back policies against Russia expansion. Clearly his motivations were idealist, but from  a European and international view. 

With such a world view, Brzezinski, Carter and Rockefeller founded the Trilateral Commission, its first priority, the re-educating our youth towards a world view, diminishing their attachment to American Democracy and economic dominance. 


 I don’t think there’s a business man in Washington. The Saint Louis Fed. posts velocity, but I don’t see it mentioned anywhere else, and St. Louis is 820 miles away.  A merchant tends to raise his prices if goods are scarce or customers are scarce. Only in good times with a wide gross margin and a tail wind will the merchant be tempted to lower prices. Relative velocity in the GDP ranges between 1 and 15. Velocity presently hovers just above 1. The Fed, however, jacked up the M1 half of the GDP equation to over 20 trillion. Can you not see that only a slight increase in velocity will have a great effect the GDP? Velocity x M1 = GDP. Furthermore, the GDP does not reflect prosperity, velocity does, and the maldistribution of GDP favors big business and the wealthy, while velocity benefits everyone equally. Velocity, the energetic economic activity, represents the energy you feel on the street and the magic of US economy. Was President Trump the only business man to come to Washington? WAs Brzezinski and academia more interested in building international velocity than securing our own? We certainly share the consequences for such academic largesse. If you are a business man, you can see a thousand ways to stimulate velocity. Only a small increase in velocity will swallow inflation by way of supply, demand and increased productivity. Velocity will be the key to our recovery, American velocity.

Friday, May 20, 2022


 Question, what one thing could have the greatest benefit in both improving patient care and reducing the cost of medical care.

  • Return to an after hours call system for physicians
  • Mandatory autopsy for all hospital deaths
  • Wave confidentiality and return to bedside rounds and nursing care
  • Study the European health care systems
  • Curtail the monopoly and anti trust activity of the American Hospital Association 
  • Restore pharmaceutical purity and safety standards
  • End the rebranding of commonly prescribed drugs in order to extend the patent expiration date.

Monday, May 09, 2022


 1.181 2022    24.10 Trillio    332,630,000   72453     10% 69.8% wealth   33.1% income

10.418 2010

Velocity of M1 as the product in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

The most fundamental economic measurement defines economic activity as a simple multiple of money times the number of times it gets spent in the current time period. When we buy groceries, that money jumps rapidly through many hands: the salary of grocery clerks, the rent on the building, the truckers, the aggregated supplier, the warehouse, the truckers again and finally the farmer. Furthermore, each recipient of a portion of our purchase turns around and spends a portion of their share, thus supporting business productivity at many levels. It comes at no surprise that this market productivity came to a near stop during the COVID 19 pandemic. 

GDP alone fails to reflect the standard of living for a population. Attempting to measure individual economic conditions, economists divide GDP by the total population. That would work if income were more equally divided, but 33% of income and 69.8 % of wealth goes to the top 10% of our population.

Productivity and price along with turnover combine to add to the velocity. Therefore, in the short term, raising interest rates will either raise prices or depress the GDP. (GDP= price x money available)

As a multiple in the GDP, velocity is much smaller a number than M1. (1.181 versus 24.10 trillion) therefore only a small growth in Velocity creates a big growth in GDP. Furthermore, growth in velocity benefits the demand and small business side of the market while increased money supply tends to benefit only the supply side. The Fed’s credit easing resulted in available liquidity to the banks as M2, available to favored big business at low interest but to the working side of the market at high interest. 

Promoting employment, productivity and exchange of goods and services demands local production. Buy American. Block the imports. Such strategy would reverse the drain on the middle class at the expense of foreign profits, big business and banking while increasing GDP and resulting in a more even distribution of wealth and income while all along controlling inflation. 

Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Dead in the Water, US Business

 Customer service call: "We are experiencing abnormally high volume. Please wait. We will answer your call in the order it was received. You may go to our website for frequently asked questions: service."

If we were to do a bit of arithmetic, The 31.7 million small businesses in the US must all have a similar customer service policy with only a few exceptions. Say, the average wait time is 20 minutes, and thats optimistic. If customer service has only 2 telephones and two customer service representatives working an 8 hour day while serving 20 customers that total wasted wait time then amounts to 1,233,333 hours and 22 minutes times 20 times 2 every day, which equals 49,333,320 hours. If we were to judge the value of the customers time at a mere $20 an hour, the total wasted productivity equals around 986.7 million dollars. This does not take into account the lost business from customers who just hang up and go elsewhere or just don't do business at all. Nor, does it take into account the multiplying loss of business productivity and velocity during that lost time -- a loss of over a billion dollars a day all total. 

Courtesy, customer service, and efficiency in the past made American business, products and demand far superior to the rest of the world. Middle Class wealth came with it, along with a high standard of living. Thats what progressive means!

Saturday, April 30, 2022

2022 FOREX Unbalance

 For money traders, the USD’s sudden increase in value against foreign currencies, offers opportunity for traders. However, for the US chances of ending globalization, the unbalance between the dollar’s increased value internationally and the weakened dollar at home due to inflation, means more cheap imports and middle class dollars and economic velocity going overseas and to multinational and banking profit. Nature abhorres a vacuum. With foreign enterprise seeking the USD at a high price, our devalued dollars will flow to the highest bidder. That means massive cheap imports and FOREX dollar trading. The disequilibrium will, furthermore, fuel the World Economic Forum’s plans for a new digital currency. This dollar unbalance between domestic inflation and the rest of the world, seeking the relative safety of the USD, will further undermine the U.S. economy and national security. Hopefully a balance will be achieved through arbitrage and the FOREX, before the globalists have their way.