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Monday, May 29, 2006

Wi-Fi, 802.11, New Orleans

EarthLink announced that the New Orleans City Council has approved an ordinance to enable the company to build an 80211 broadband network. The Wi-Fi mesh network will provide affordable, high-speed Internet access for residents, businesses and visitors in New Orleans.

EarthLink will provide a free service tier and a paid service tier. The free service will be offered for a limited time during the city's rebuilding efforts at speeds up to 300 kbps. Users will be able to access the Internet without having to view advertising. The ISP will also offer a higher speed paid service that will be a symmetrical, 1 mbps solution for customers that want more bandwidth, customer support and EarthLink's award-winning products and services.

Such a two tear system may be the best model for cities in general. Easy free access to the Internet for challenged environments and limited or no income persons provides opportunity and information for all. Offering increasing high speed access and services for those wishing to pay for it provides financing and growth for the system.


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