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Monday, February 02, 2009

Quantum Teleportation

The flood of articles on quantum entanglement in recent weeks, suggests significant new observations of entangled behavior, even though, the understanding lags behind. It seems apparent that quantum entangled photons are even now applied to fiber optics, and one might expect that the reference to quantum computing includes cryptography and the NSA.
The current issue of "Science" reports mind boggling concepts: of transmitting information instantaneously at the particle level, modifying matter at a distance and more. One wonders just what lies behind Alice's looking glass.
As a question -- considering the vast unknowns in human physiology at the sub molecular level -- I wonder --- if there may be instances of quantum entanglement in the animal nervous system.
In Fiji, there is an expression characterizing foolish behavior as, "Like looking for the eggs of the Golden Plover." Know that the Golden Plover is an Alaskan-Fijian bird that migrates from Alaska, as cold weather approaches, to these warmer islands south of the Equator. The parents depart on this long journey before their chicks can fly, and the young birds make the trip later without guidance. "Beam us home Mother!"


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