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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Loss of Manufacturing Jobs

It seems obvious, yet political theology says not. The loss of manufacturing in the US cannot be replaced by intellectual property. The results of the shift from manufacturing to intellectual property --actually information processing makes us vulnerable and depresses the economy.

Intellectual property was a bonanza while it lasted. When our media innovations lead the world, it drove the economy, but intellectual property/information is hard to secure. The market lead lasts only so long. Without some form of artificial monopoly, the lead is overtaken. Despite Herculean efforts to protect patent and copyright, free information is winning, and as it does, we are left with little substance and little value.

Manufacturing is our only solution. Innovative, disruptive and highly useful products could once again lead the world, but we cannot get there with rap, adult movies or computer programers in India.

The future economy may thrive with: high capacity light weight batteries, sun power as a cheap abundant exploitable resource, tungsten, ceramics, proton power, transportation, robotics and don' t forget free information -- fast becoming another cheap abundant exploitable resource

Simplistic indeed


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