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Monday, June 27, 2016

Globalization = Colonialism

Well, not exactly, today we are the exploited. Political idealism, political correctness continues blindly in support of globalization despite overwhelming evidence of its deleterious effect on our economy: flat GDP, half a trillion a year trade deficit, unimployment, loss of manufacturing, polarization of wealth, overburdening immigration as well as a national security risk due to economic weakness.

Meanwhile so called conservatives, the wealthy, minimize the damage to the rest of us claiming the unemployed are just lazy, a few lost their jobs, but over all free trade is a benefit. Big business profits from cheap foreign labor, outsourcing goods and services, avoids taxes by manufacturing offshore, and multinationals go a step further. Newfound foreign wealth in part comes back seeking secure shelter, enriching our bankers with their hedge funds, dark pools and shadow banking, indeed, furthering economic and political polarization.

Government favors globalization with a belief that it enhances stability and that trading partners will be less warlike and adhear to international laws and norms. Wlhile some of this is true, it comes at the overwhelming expense of our middle class. One can hardly call the Middle East stable, however. We have unleashed wave upon wave of refugees with nowhere to go. It will only get worse with global warming, over population, war and famin.

It is past time for us to take care of our own population, not nationalism, but survival. "None are so blind as those who will not see." Our media are like marionettes to the vested interest oh the oligarchy.



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