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Saturday, July 09, 2016


Globalization, while built for the exploitation of emerging economies and the wealth of the American people by monopolies and multinationals and justified by utopian dreams, does indeed result in greater education of young people in those exploited countries. Meanwhile US education flounders despite efforts towards qualitative improvement. Budget cuts, permissiveness and cost shifting onto unenfanchised students takes priority over quantity. Simply put, we have more early dropouts and less. time in the class room whilst the rest of the world moves in the other direction, many examples. 

The massive ills of our society result directly from a lack of qualification for employment and lack of productive engagement, lack of education. The military promises the only secure escape from the street, but most do not qualify. Think prison population, drugs, homelessness and unemployment, education should be the solution. Combine education with health care, psych care and recovery strategies -- not socialism but survival of our culture.

Not privatized education, not K- 12, but a mandatory 4 through 21 year of age education, eleven months of the year, supplemented by a voluntary pre school. Play school 9 hours for infants of working single moms or dads would solve many problems. Unwanted and inconvenient children could benefit from abundant early positive social enteraction and love, experience an early model of cooperation, civility and later citizennship. Then, advanced education through, liberal arts, engineering, science or tech school would not only channel students through appropriate areas of student interest and talent, but also: explode the economy, reduce crime, treat drug addiction and eventually eliminate homelessness and poverty. Providing dormitories for homeless students, homeless adults while extending the education to all unemployed could end poverty while providing a higher quality motivated labor force for economic growth.


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