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Saturday, November 03, 2018

Fifth Column

Polittical dogma from extreme left wing media poses a 5th column of international interests hostile to our own and a threat to our democracy. Much of the dogma and political correctness comes from the Trilateral Commission, the CFP and finds fertil ground in the reminants of anti-Vietnam protests and the brain washing of educators and young people. 1

The Trilateral Commission includes a majority vote from Europe, Asia, Canada and Mexico. No wonder they don’t want to see us change our one-sided trade agreements. Founded by Rokafellar, along with Carter and Brzezinski in 1973 for the purpose of promoting multilateral cooperation, international banking and peace, encouraged by the success of the EU, the Commission set about to discourage nationalism in favor of internationalism with a wealth that so exceeded that of member nations that this organization of international elites would capture world power, an undeniable ethical high ground and international control.

Members of the commission must resign when taking government positions, and indeed they did. The  executive administration of every presidency since Carter, both left and right, excluding the present, included a majority of former Commission members -
- a shadow government. No wonder they are so angry.

“You can have globalization or democracy but not both” Where are Earnie Pyle and William Sheirer when we need them most?
 1 Fifth Column was a WWII book alluding to Natzi spies, sabaturs and symphatizers


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