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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Quantum Physiology

I just came from a morning meeting of the Innovative Collective in CDA where AI dominated the discussion. Medicine made great strides in molecular biology and understanding neuro physiology. China claims advances in databases and machine learning based on knowledge of our own neuro networks and claims of artificial intelligence.

Pure conjecture, but there surely exists a whole strata of human physiology beneath the molecular level, call it a quantum layer. If the progress of medical science from the anatomic to the chemical and then the molecular level tells us anything, a yet more microscopic sub level of physiology lurks just beneath the known level of microbiology. There must be a functioning level of quantum mechanics active within our physiology. If so our attempts at AI basing chips on known neuro networks may fail to provide the source of creative thinking. A whole halo of quantum entanglement, a halo wherein cognitive thinking, dreams, intuition and inspiration live and may float freely within the human brain at a subatomic level, elusive to AI’s electronic circuits.


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