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Wednesday, January 01, 2020


Hate spreads like a virus and if directed can destroy a rival or motivate a mob. Hitler mastered the talent for using hate to create an irrational mass hysteria of conquest and evil.  Political campaigns had stimulated hate to one degree or another since I can remember, but the blanket of hate today exceeds them all. Is hate not a malignant disease that metastasizes and spreads into a mass hysteria of blind rage ending in death? Does it not act more like a virus than a rational dislike -- without evidence. How do rational educated young people come to such a uniform blind hysteria of hate without casting doubt or questioning the source? 
Some genetic studies show a DNA sequence for cooperation. Might these sequences not express love and hate as evolved but opposed mechanisms for both cooperation and defense, capable of being turned on by friends, leaders, media, teachers or just plain nasty propaganda? If so, humor and love may be the only vaccine. Time to break the spell and question the data, inductive reasoning, love and humor now symptomatically missing.


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