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Monday, April 20, 2020

Small Business Corona Virus Payroll Loans

Harvard University receiving 9 million dollars of the limited small business corona virus payroll relief funds provided by Congress, seems an obscenity when intended for struggling small businesses.
Recovery loans force banks into a reverse paradigm for lending. Banks make loans to businesses on the basis of security, promising return, and secure balance sheet – in other words, lack of need. The recovery loans are for those with inability to make payroll, facing bankruptcy and enormous need. How are we to police banks into actually lending to small business rather than to their favorite large depositors? Perhaps POTUS could ask the senate to appoint Senator Warren to oversee the actual lending practice. 😊 Then someone needs to watch Elizabeth. 
Why was the 2 trillion Corona Virus Relief Bill so soon depleted? The Harvard loan amounts to theft. If there are other egregious examples, they all need to be called in and re issued by the intended guidelines.


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