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Friday, May 22, 2020

Election, Globalization or Democracy, The Real Choice


           Globalism Promised a one world economy, which was to create such an overriding business prosperity as to end wars. Globalization would bring competing nations into compliance with world trade and governing bodies such as the World Trade Organization (WTO). What evolved, however, looked more like an Oligarchy and an elitist shadow government undermining our Democracy. Free trade sounds good, in theory, except that it was not free, and the outcome was not good. We exported manufacturing and jobs with far more destructive consequences than even the skeptics anticipated. Furthermore, China’s Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army waged a twenty-years’ “unrestricted war” against the US and the West with devastating economic consequences for the US and accelerating growth and expansion for China. 
            Demonstrations erupted from the left in Davos and from the right with the tea-party movement and again with the election of 2016. What was prosperity in Washington was despair and stagnation on the street. A heavy-handed countermeasure is in play. With even greater polarization, we now have AOC in one corner, oligarchs in another, and moderates in another, all looking for power, plus the PLA buying influence with politicians and educators from the top right down to the local level. Let’s look at what’s happened and explore what’s at risk.
               Coming soon, publication date a moving target.


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