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Thursday, June 04, 2020

Book Globalization or Democracy

I’ve spent the last few years writing my book, Globalization or Democracy, and in a sense the work was a rewrite of my life’s goals. Prior to the Korean War, I was in my senior year at KU with a major in economics and a pathway to graduate school in the East to study international commerce. I had a fascination with the macroeconomics of trade. I knew about business and investments along the Mississippi, growing up in St Louis and about wheat from high school and college in Kansas and, on occasion, the wheat harvest. Jon Ise was the highly respected economist and professor at Kansas; his grass roots economics and the extensive, required two-year Western Civics course, left an indelible impression.

Half-way through my senior year, the Chinese crossed the Yalu River, and I was not quite far enough along in credits to be exempt from the draft. I joined the Air Force with the intent to fly. It did not work out quite that way. I got married. Son John came along and I followed my father's and my brother’s path into medicine. I never quite got over the economics, however, and for that matter the need to fly.

After retirement, what was I to do but move to Alaska and fly a seaplane charter operation for ten years, the best ten years of my life, and after that with a 50 year Emeritus for medical practice from the University of Michigan, I wrote my book on economics.

Economics was there all the time, the grass roots fundamentals of supply and demand. It was there as I hung my shingle in Littleton, CO, and as I managed partnerships, two incorporated clinics, and a rural community health clinic in a remote Colorado cattle town. Supply and demand and liquidity was there as I ran a single pilot, part 135 air charter company in Alaska. Furthermore, an economics education did not hurt me in decades of stock market investing. That past experience, came together as I wrote about the futility, and the threat, of Globalism and the CCP lead cartel of Internationalism.

As we wake up in a COVID 19 pandemic, June of 2020, with economic recovery and social chaos, we have only one not so clear choice and that is the Chinese Communist Party’s, Globalism, advanced as China’s new world order or our own freedom. It’s Chinese dystopia or Democracy. You can't have both. Globalism started out as an ideal but oligarchs, multinationals, greed and the PLA soon bent Globalization to their own self interest, while we all contributed.

I’ve attempted to outline the economics that drove the failure of an internationalist dream that goes beyond contemporary economist’s assertions. Always a contrarian, one must see what the market misses. I think, contemporary economists, for the most part, take an idealistic approach of moral equivalency, meaning that just about anything multiculturalism dishes out, should be taken as economic fact. I think economists fear for their reputations, their tenure and their, for the most part, high paying jobs.

In any case, if you read Globalism or Democracy, you will be reading from the path I did not take.  Enjoy


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