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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Hate and illigitamacy

We have raised a generation, taught the lessons of the Vietnam protests, a generation of fatherless children, raised by teachers, mothers working and little if any home guidance. No wonder, hate, rioting and sexual dysphoria became the default setting for so many, and with limited education, discipline and citizenship, there was little chance to recover.

A hundred years ago illegitimacy was recognized as a problem; it was printed on the child's birth certificate. The churches discouraged divorce as well. Eighty years ago Toynbee studied and wrote about the failure of 26 civilizations. Each civilization grew to meet its potential and failed due to some basic flaw in its nature.

Fatherless children may be our own downfall. How can a child grow up to know how a man respects and deals with a woman or how to deal with men if he or she grows up fatherless. There is a reason nature gave us two sexes and a relationship between them. Even the birds grasp this fact of nature. Without that basic accommodation we sentence our children to a life of violence and hate and ultimate loneliness.


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