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Tuesday, July 07, 2020


          Many will have forgotten, and many more weren’t born yet, but our present relationship with China both strategically and political closely resembles the appeasement of Nazi Germany before WW II. Business ties with German manufacturing and profitable trade influenced an attitude in business and the MSM favoring the efficiency of the totalitarian system over the chaos of American politics. Many went so far as to praise totalitarianism as the way of the future. Much of that popular believe was driven of course by German propaganda and what we called a fifth column of German nationals and spies.
            Russian propaganda did not stop with the Cold War. We now have Leftist propaganda from China adding to the cry and complicating our thinking by further promoting animosity between us and Russia. While we look the other way sanctioning Russia, China: picks our pocket, and more importantly strengthens the bonds between China and Russia and the triple alliance between N Korea, China and Russia.
            Now, as China faces financial problems internally, the CCP resorts to old fashion pillage and plunder through the South Pacific and its Asian neighbors. Our response from investment banking to the Oligarchs and multi-nationals resembles that before WWII, with appeasement, business as usual and a commitment to continuing profitable trade no matter the cost to others or the consequences to ourselves.


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