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Sunday, September 06, 2020

Idealogical Subversion, a postscript

Half way through my 13th editing, I found Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov’s lecture on YouTube. Bezmenov, 1939-1993, aka Thomas David Schuman was a KGB defector to Canada by way of the CIA. Yuri’s lecture on Russian subversion took me back to my time during the Korean War, dealing with survival and intelligence. I had not thought about Russian espionage in nearly 70. Years.


In writing Globalization or Democracy, it was objectively evident that Globalism in its present form was destroying our Democracy as well as the economy. The role of the CCP in subversion became dramatically evident, but Russia’s long-standing subversion and propaganda were long forgotten, and I thought, naively, a thing of the past. Yuri’s lecture on Communist subversion, euphemistically called “active measures.” And its apparent high success rate, came as a wakeup call.


What was evident, was the degree of political polarization, a seemingly inexplicable level of hate and an absence of humor. Furthermore, those embracing the hate and humorless conflict and confrontation, seemed incapable of acknowledging hard facts and evidence seen right before their eyes. I could see the rejection of American institutions and rioting at the end of the war in Vietnam as could millions of veterans. However, the KGB’s role in continued ideological subversion was less evident.


After studying political science at the University of Toronto, Yuri worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Montreal; he did freelance writing under the alias of Thomas Schuman. Whether due to Russian threats or not, Schuman moved to Los Angeles. In 1984, Yuri gave an interview with Edward Griffin, “Soviet Subversion of the World Free Press.” The YouTube video, in clear and graphic terms, outlined 85% of the KGB budget directed towards disinformation and ideological subversion. Bezmenov cited the outstanding success rate of subversion in country after country and how Russia continues to focus ideological subversion against the US and the West. Bezmenov described the long timeline of Russia’s strategy of subversion that fit like a glove to the destabilization that evolved in the US. On a black board Bezmenov outlines Russia’s 4 stages of conquest: First Demoralization, a 20-year program to reeducate and brainwash a generation of youth; Destabilization, the Vietnam protestors are now teachers and legislators questioning the meaning of equality, our Constitution, capitalism even morality; and now Crisis, with rioting, looting and chaos on the streets, and a breakdown of law and order; and lastly Normalization, wherein Marxism might seem a better alternative than war, civil-war or revolution. With the CCP, its regimentation, equality, mind control and dystopia at the cost of freedom. 


Every American and every high school student should listen to Yuri’s lecture; his words stand as a dire warning and as prophetic as the writing of Thomas Pain. Yuri claims it takes 20 years to brainwash a generation of students to the point of destabilization. Russia apparently corrupted our education system for more like 70 years, undermining American values, not just education, but political, legislative, cultural, religious and legal – even military, sewing conflict and discord, where ever it could, along the way.


What’s more alarming, the Peoples Liberation Army and the Chinese Communist Party appear to be far more efficient at the subversion than the KGB or todays SVR and FAPSI and in a much shorter time, doing far more damage with a takeover of Globalization, the Corona virus and infiltration of all elements of our society. According to Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI, China is now a far greater threat than Russia, with greater infiltration of the US media, more sleepers, PPL operatives and financially compromised US leadership from the top right down to the local level. 


If we look at the level of hatred against ourselves as a measure of the subversion, we find it everywhere. Not a political issue anymore, both sides seem radicalized to one degree or another. Conflict that we rage against ourselves was the Communist goal. It does not matter the subject. The humorless hatred dominates media, schools, legislature and now the street, a Marxist wet dream. 


Bezmenov visited his former wife and children in Montréal in 1993. He died of a “massive heart attack”[?] two weeks later. Bezmenov’s lecture and books are studied by the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU), the University of Pennsylvania’s Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, by Michael Carpenter, former deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and by Yale professor Asha Rangappa and now reemerges on YouTube. 


Bezmenov’s books include: No Novosti Is Good News, World Thought Police, Black Is Beautiful, Communism Is Not. In his book, Love Letter to America 1984, Yuri suggests, it will take 20 years to reeducate a new generation of youth and to ferret out the sleepers and financially compromised supporters of Communist normalization. I would add a reeducation in citizenship the constitution and humor.


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