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Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Death rate COVID19

Death rate by age

5-17.     0.1%

18-29   0.5%

30-39.  1.3%

40-49.  3.2%

50-64.  15.6%

65-74.  21.2%

75-84.  26.5%

85+.       31.7%

CDC Oct 6, 2020

JHU   2.81% deaths / cases

    0.06368% deaths/ US pop

When we plot today’s deaths against the average new cases five to ten days ago, we do see a drop in percentage deaths per case to around 1%.

The total deaths against total cases of 2.81% would  be falsely high if there are many unreported cases. Improved treatment modalities may improve outcomes as well. The increased death rate in older persons, however, remains truly frightening. 


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