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Saturday, November 07, 2020


 China despite its dens population controls the COV-2 pandemic better than the rest of the world because of a regimented control of its population, behavior monitoring and mind control, even a willingness to lock people in their apartments to stop the spread of the virus. Was the virus weaponized? We may never know. A convenient fire destroyed any evidence. Both Russia and China created a vaccine and distributed it widely with limited testing. 

The US struggles with both its willingness to regiment its citizens for social distancing, masks, quarantine, contact tracing and isolation and even the vaccine and antivirals. The struggle to control takes on a political meaning far beyond just the election and the traditional political gridlock between left and right. 

The CDC, the NIH and the FDA are federalized, but Public Health is state run and any legal authority to control behavior for public health and the common good appears to be state run, a gray area.

The pandemic, the economy, the shutdown creates a perfect storm driving us towards media control, political correctness, mind control, behavior control and an open door for the acceptance of a more totalitarian government, potentially a communist style dystopia. Was all this a staged by the CCP, or just a convenient extension of unrestricted warfare. Be careful what you wish for.




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