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Monday, December 28, 2020

Hear the People Sing

 You would have to ignore all the history and literature of the West not to realize that we are in the end game of communist subversion, and attempted takeover. First, decades of demoralization with idealogical subversion and brainwashing directed once by Russia and now, far more effectively, by China rejecting American institutions and values. Second, a decade of destabilization, with infiltration and massive recruitment of US leaders in all branches of government, infrastructure, education. news-media, even military and religion sowing chaos where ever possible. Thirdly, a crisis with rioting, looting and burning and promoting racism and, “defund the police.” And now, hacking of our election, censorship, threat of gun confiscation and a further widespread hacking attack against critical US defense entities, possibly done in such a way as to promote a false conflict with Russia. And now, fourthly, the Great Reset, communist normalization, a dialectic lead the CCP behind the scenes, by bonnie Prince Charles and condoned by our elected but not yet confirmed new government.

NB. Russia may or not be complicit in the hacking, Russia apparently continued its idealogical subversion, but there is every reason to split Russia away from China in order to achieve a balance of power.. Furthermore, China pines for the minerals, oil, timber and agricultural space along Russia’s 2516 mile vulnerable border with China, not to mention control of the gateway to Arctic shipping lanes. Alaska may be vulnerable too for the same reason — Big and Little Diomede, the shipping choke point to the Arctic Ocean.


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