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Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Smartmatic Software

 This is not a conspiracy theory, it is pure conjecture. Suppose as some claim, our voting software is programmed to secretly alter votes just enough for elected leaders to stay in office or win over a less connected opponent. Would it be a biding war or a hacking war, and who owned the server. This much is true, the Dominion System takes in the original ballots, tabulates them, then prints a hard copy, so the recount should always match the tally. You would have to look at signatures in ballot boxes. What is also true, such vote-manipulating software does exist.

Has the alleged subversive vote altering system been in use in US elections for decades as an insurance policy for individuals to win or stay in office? Would such an election subversion not account for legislators staying in office, seemingly for life? Does a foreign entity control the server or was it taken over by the CIA during the Clinton, Bush or Obama era. Did candidates at onetime pay for election insurance? Is Smartmatic now controlled by political interests, the CIA or was it hacked by foreign operatives? 

Intriguingly, was Hillary Clinton programmed to win in 2016, only to be over hacked  by Russia resulting in a Trump win? Did China hack this one? Were there three hands in the cookie jar, the Democrats, the Chinese and Russia accounting for the apparent attempt to reset the data in the middle of the night.

Were the machines online in short bursts with a nefarious server in Germany? Was the software pre programmed? Did subversive characters use thumb drives to alter the count? Why did the CIA operate a server that may have had something to do with the election, and why a raid on CIA offices in Germany by US military. Who has the server now and where is the smoking hard drive? How many people have too much to hide, and why a near total news blackout from the MSM while the alternative news and Australia are all over the saga?

However this turns out, we must make sure computers, software, the internet, 5G, brainwashing and thumb drives have nothing to do with future elections. In the brave new world, it’s all about mind control from the top down. In Democracy, it’s all about individual citizens controlling honestly elected officials. 

Globalization or Democracy  you can’t have both


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