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Monday, February 15, 2021

An Act of War or the End of Freedom

While rioters set fire to the streets of our cities, China conducts “Unrestricted Warfare “ against America and the West, without firing a single shot.

Globalization or Democracy 


I finished editing Globalization or Democracy over a year ago. I reported on both  the progression of globalism, and the economic war waged against America by China. The book further outlined the origins and abetment of our leadership in selling out the wealth of our nation, and exposed the resulting carnage. 


In looking back over the events of the last twelve months, however, the reality appears far darker. Espionage, bribery, blackmail and disinformation kindled a takeover of our media, our schools and our government. A growing Oligarchy appears complicit. A communistic idealogical subversion undermines our freedom with political chaos, propaganda and widespread censorship. 


I don’t think either political body wants this, but will they wake up to the war we have all but lost — perhaps not until shots are fired, or the People’s Liberation Army invades Alaska.



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