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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Globalization is Back

“America is back.” So, what can we expect? Certainly more unemployment, more outsourcing, a further shift of wealth from the middle class to the ruling elite. Multinationals will be the beneficiaries. The US economy may surely decline. We might expect to see more Chinese Communist infiltration into US society as well as international governance.  

The Great Currency Reset may be harder to predict. An international crypto currency based on gold or other commodities, might be a more secure form of cash, but it would remove what little advantage the US still has in international trade. The World Trade Organization might attempt to foster greater international equality with its currency reset — again, at the expense of the US in general. 

For now, equalities may be safer to hold than cash, as long as the Federal Reserve keeps expanding the US money supply. Many hedge with Bitcoin, but Chinese investors more or less control that market, and its still awkward to deal with Bitcoin as a currency. In a sense Bitcoin is a bet on China. This of course is all speculation, but we need to be aware of coming change.

Plato’s Republic, book VIII described a democracy evolving into an oligarchy and thence a tyranny. — I hope not.


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