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Friday, May 21, 2021

Globalization or Democracy

Globalization or Democracy, you can have Globalization or you can have Democracy, but you can not have both. While foreign subversion promoted rioting and burning in our streets, The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) waged unrestricted warfare against our economy and infiltrated our country without firing a single shot. The economics of Globalization begin as a worthy strategy and a credible ideal, but evolved into an Oligarchy, the CCP's new world order and an attempted world domination by Communism. This book takes a deep factual, historical and strategic look at the evolution of this failed trade strategy and the manner in which international and multinational interests drove a policy of multilateral trade into a Marxist exploitation of the American taxpayer. Globalism drove what Piketty called a capital-diversion to the benefit a new Technocracy and an internationalist elite. Now out of the COVID19 pandemic, emerges a further threat in the form of the Great-Reset effecting both the international monetary system and a resurrection of Globalization.

The book contains extensive historical reference to the champions and critics of Western Civilization. We further outline element of trade velocity as the more important multiple in the GDP. The book further outlines the liquidity flows in the macroeconomic-equation, a phenomena supported by the numbers, numbers that appear to be discounted by many political economists. The book ends with a plea for education, an education of our youth with Western virtues, civility and a bit of self-reliance, teamwork, discipline and a rejection of Communist ideation.


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