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Friday, May 21, 2021

Moral Sentiments, 1 Flip Flop

Psychological experiments show that prison guards and prisoners, over time, evolve changing relationships. The evolution of a changing character seems to occur between hostile nations with each evolving towards the other, adopting many of each other’s characteristics. After WWII, with the Cold War, it seemed odd how quickly vodka became the drink of choice for many Americans. Today we see a cultural switcheroo in which Russia appears to have adopted the worst of Capitalism and the Mafia, while the US adopts not just vodka but many elements of failed Socialism and, with help from the CCP, a move towards Communism. 
Politically too in America, since the reconstruction, our fiercely competitive political parties have all but switched sides; the political hatred blinding both sides from common sense and the obvious. On such tidal waves of cultural change, civilizations thrive or parish.


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