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Sunday, May 23, 2021


Republicans might consider a number of strategies that drive the “woke” Democrats and do them one better. Conservatives now represent the people while big tech, multinationals and banks run the Left.
  • Excess concentration of wealth in the hands of these few oligarchs along with the economic drain on the American people needs more attention than conservatives give it. If left as it is, the power and wealth corrupts our laws, our Constitution and our freedom. Without going for the extreems of redistribution, a balanced taxation and better controls on monopoly, fake news, banks, loopholes to the rules and inheritance would improve the fairness of the playing field and actually improve productivity and competition. 
  • Massive numbers of semi literate — mostly fatherless — semi criminal, mostly males who taunt the police, demonstrate, loot and riot, present a major problem. A totalitarian government will eliminate them, but we need a better solution. Old fashion education starting early with quality male leadership and discipline would provide the sense of family values most of them were missing. Teach ethics and virtue, Western values and history while extending mandatory education to the age of 21. Making room for military service and jobs with academic oversite, like internships. States competing with one another should yield the best results. Some federal subsidies and restriction against political brainwashing might be needed. Teach history. Encourage independent thinking. 
  • Republicans resist public healthcare, yet as it is, bureaucracy and corporations so dominate our healthcare system as to make it second rate. The statistics place US healthcare behind the rest of the industrial world. The conservative solution should recognize healthcare as a fundamental right, an infrastructure supporting Human Resources in a business sense. Get the bureaucrats and corporations out of medicine. Public Health, yes, but bring medicine back to the medical schools, primary care and real physicians. Encourage and fund medical school driven public healthcare. De-emphasize the specialty and surgical boards, hospitals, and drug companies. Encourage private medicine with private insurance to compete against public medicine run by the State’s medical schools and medical school connected clinics. Compete for patient enrollment, price and quality outcome.
  • The infrastructures can be improved with businesslike marginal return, including energy independence, the electrical grid and even ocean cleanup. Clean energy strategies can work but only with competitive inovative private utilities. Energy independence remains the first priority. 
  • Public Health, FDA, CDC and NIH did little to clean up lead and mercury. Globalism did nothing for the oceans. Think marginal return.
  • Private enterprise can surely run a rail system, but those capable must be motivated to do so. Even the street car of the 40s would be an improvement. Transportation is infrastructure too by nature, needing some subsidy.
  • These investments can be made by conservative business interests with businesslike margins even education. Adequate discipline and citizenship in education more than offsets the social costs, the government costs of a failed generation.The burden of educating our children cannot fall to the children who are educated or to low income parents. It should be easy to see that the cost of education pays for itself in reduced crime and productive citizens. All these considerations should drive home the importance of and the quality of Citizenship and strengthen the mission of the Republican Party in representing its citizens.


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