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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Subversion, worse than before WW2

    Big business, the media, Hollywood, drug cartels, China, Russia and politicians invests in changing America. The concatenation of interests results in a tragic subversion of our Democracy and freedom.
    The Technocracy benefits from cheap labor and an international market. The media while funded by China and the Oligarch, no longer reports news, but rather perception management, propaganda and a quest for power. Hollywood too promotes foreign interests and degenerate behavior as a marketing plan leading to further destabilization. The drug cartels thrive on the chaos and depression while supplied by foreign Inteligence agencies. The CCP funds bribery and delivers fentanyl on an industrial scale undermining law, politics, education, religion and our military. Russia has done the same for over 70 years but not on the scale of China. Politicians as described by Plato 2500 years ago, found permanent wealth and power by selling out the riches of the people they no longer represented. Bill Gates buys up farmland. Communists promote and exaggerate a mostly false narrative of American Racism.
   A perfect storm rages in Washington favoring the abandonment of American institutions, Democracy and freedoms in favor of a Chinese style Internationalism, behavior management and dystopia. A citizen of the World, a quest for an ideal from which these entities gain, but this new Oligarchy rules with only a vague sense of governance by an internationalist elite, the UN, the World Economic Forum, subverted professors

other acronymous entities and China’s Belt and Road Initiative for World domination. We might just as well call it World Communism. It’s time for the Woke to awaken. Neither political party wants this level of subversion. Some would say we have already lost the war with China, at least the economic and moral ones.


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