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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Moral Sentiments


I Circling the Drain

1.     Flip Flop

2.     Law

3.     Propaganda 

4.     Censorship 

5.     Rigged Elections

6.     Technocracy


II Seduction

7.     Trilateral Commission & Council on Foreign Relations

8.     Vietnam Protests

9.     An Ancient form of Bribery

10.  Selling America (wholesale for fun and profit)

11.  CCP & PLA Unrestricted Warfare

12.  Idealogical Subversion


III Renaissance

13.  The Orange Man & Russia

14.  Civilized Religion

15.  The backlash Common Sense

16.  State run Education Reform

17.  Term Limits

18.  Revive the Rule of Law 




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