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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Scary Thought

 As the arguments over the origins of CoV-2 continued, I assumed that the CCP weaponized the Covid virus to destabilize the West. Whether the release was accidental or deliberate, the spread of the virus proved China irresponsible at best. The coverup by China, the World Health Organization and our own CDC, seemed to confirm the suspicion of a laboratory source. Why was the NIH financing this research in Wuhan, China in first place and to what end?

Has the US created a monster? What could have been the motive for CDC and NIH to enhance an already dangerous virus for human to human transmission? They lied about it, and then, discouraged the use of effective early treatments like vitamins, hydroxycloroquin, convalescent serum and ivermectin. Our medical bureaucracy both censured and disbarred physicians for trying treatments with the first onset of the illness.

What if these public health czars were motivated by a power trip, an honorarium and praise from Chinese academia? Did they plan to prune back the population, cull the sick, the disabled, the elderly and reduce national healthcare cost? Had US Public Health gone rogue? Such a thought would have been unthinkable before the pandemic, but such actions would be very much in line with a Marxist mindset. Have our trusted instructions gone mad? 

This is a frightening question. I hope it’s not the case.



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