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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

January 6

 A more historical view of the so-called capital riots from a non political view might recognize a more legitimate cry from a free people disenfranchised by a socialist takeover. To the victor goes the spoils, however, including the official version of events and the characterization of the Capital demonstrations and break-in as a criminal insurrection. History could paint quite another picture if in fact, the socialist Technocracy does not prevail in the long run.

While progressive thinking abhors the poverty, capital divergence, and merit based capitalist economy, the Left seeks equality, healthcare, education and redistribution of wealth. However, the propaganda, censorship, and control necessary to achieve these goals turn authoritarian. Globalization was no small part in the socialist gain and paradoxically lead to the Technocracy that profited from and will continue to profit even more from the socialist outcome. So, which side deserves the title of insurrectionist? Maybe both.

The age old political economic tension between liberty and equality contributed to the failure of Democracy in Athens over two thousand years ago. Plato wrote that a Democracy would devolve into an Oligarchy. Ours devolved into a Socialistic Technocracy. For good or for bad, time will tell. Historians will write January 6 as a capital riot or to the contrary the people’s song charging and climbing the walls of the people’s house.

US political divergence rivals our capital divergence. A middle ground should not even require compromise, but politicians seeking power and wealth surely will. The right must embrace education, healthcare especially mental hospitals while the Left must embrace the marginal return, and productivity of capitalism. Call the agreement infrastructure that benefits them both. — And term-limits to reduce the greed.


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