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Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Dr. Birx

 Deborah Birx, m.d. 

“You know, many of those issues around DPA were obviously also done under the Trump administration, and that's the way we got these vaccines made and we got therapeutics out, so from Remdesivir to supporting Gilead to Regeneron and Lilly and the companies working on monoclonal antibodies. And so I don't want to ever leave the impression that there weren't people at every level working every day within the Trump administration to ensure that testing was improved, that therapeutics and vaccines were available. I think they've done a remarkable job at putting together the federal level communication about what are the best public health interventions that we need to follow as a country in a very consistent manner. That radiates from the White House out through all the agencies, and I think that is critically important when you want people to change their behavior.“ April 2021 CSIS interview. 


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