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Monday, January 31, 2022


 January 2022 and Globalization remains the unspoken center of political and economic conflict. Globalism fails on many inter-related threads, which undermine representative government, our Democracy and our Republic. I’ve listed the deleterious concatenation of events associated with globalization, which conspire to replace representative government with an oligarchy of elitists and unelected bureaucrats favoring a vague authoritarian internationalism. 


1.     Globalization as initiated in the US proposed free trade, but participating countries, especially in Asia, did not reciprocate, exploiting the opportunity unilaterally. 

2.     Germany retained high tariffs. Japan engaged in massive over production of automobiles, refusing the purchase of US made cars. China used the opening to wage, in their own words, “unrestricted war” against the US and the West.

3.     China cheated from the time of its inclusion by exploiting the West not only with excess production designed to drive out competition, but with cheaper products built with slave and indentured labor.

4.     Democracies need sound economics, productivity and growth to achieve equality in a free and liberal economy. 

5.     The massive Capital drain on the US destroyed the middle class and both the demand side of the market and small business, the backbone of our economy. Without the energy, citizenship and common sense of a middle class, the government, especially an unelected shadow government and bureaucracy, runs amuck, turns authoritarian and unresponsive to the people. Without a middle class, we loose first our equality and then our freedom, devolving into the class society of a neo-feudalism. .

6.     That same money pump based on macroeconomic realities described in chapter 6, while impoverishing the middle class lead to capital divergence and unheard of wealth among investment bankers and the oligarchs of shadow banking, hedge funds and executives of multinational corporations.

7.     Nixon ended the gold standard in 1972, thus allowing the Fed. to manipulate the currency, a necessity for maintaining the GDP and for mitigating the consequences of deficit trade. Unfortunately, quantitative easing and seeding the M1 and M2 led to unsustainable inflation. Furthermore quantitative easing provided liquidity to the supply side only.

8.     Capital divergence, led to the concentration of wealth by liquidity drain into the hands of fewer and fewer wealthy families at the expense of the middle class and the poor; arguably, the antecedent to war, famine, plague, depression and a death to democracy. The liquidity flow was a guillotine for every day Americans and a windfall for globalists. 

9.     Did globalization cause the plague? Or, was it capital divergence? DARPA and NIH apparently financed gain of function research and outsourced some of the research to the level 4 lab in Wuhan. That bit of globalist thinking cost us dearly. I doubt that the PLA released intentionally, what could be called a weaponized virus, but they could have, and that’s the point. Outsourcing at any level undermines our security and thus our freedom.

10.  Loss of our Middle Class of itself, resulted in a diminished sense of citizenship and a loss of control over the electorate and the reemergence of political authoritarianism, a lot like what the American Revolution fought to end.

11.  Oligarchs and billionaires manipulate the economy, the media, politicians and even the courts to their advantage, further eroding consensual government by the people pushing totalitarian control and open borders. Both Russia and the CCP further subvert the manipulation, creating disruption and a more socialistic vector.

12.  The Supreme Count, for example, held that unlimited, anonymous, political contributions by corporations were legal and not considered bribery. Foreign corporations could do the same.

13.  A new technocracy in Silicon Valley with more capitalization than the government, constitutes yet another unelected totalitarian force, championing globalism and coveting market access to China’s 1.4 billion population. 

14.  Inflation: partly the pandemic, but a socialist movement resulted in the necessary creation of money to fulfill public obligations. 40% of the population now works for government at some level. The estimated M1 at the end of 2021 rose to 22.06 trillion, a precipitous increase from 17.81 trillion at the end of 2020, 24%

15.  Institutional Investors committed vast sums to Chinese IPOs and corporations owned by the CCP not meting the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) accounting or safety requirements. Stocks were listed, nun  the less, placing many retirement funds at risk. Which comes first, globalization or our own financial Security?

16.  Vietnam: during and after the war, student protestors, many facing the draft, rejected American institutions, rioted, occupied campus offices, burned and destroyed property. Jane Fonda went to Hanoi. Many embraced communism in rebellion against the war. This hippie generation now dominates politics, the media, the Washington bureaucracy and the judiciary. 

17.  The CCP owns Hollywood.

18.  The Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, CFR, non elected NGOs with foreign interests, dominated the administration from one administration to the next with such influence that they virtually run US foreign policy. Rockefeller, then president of the CFR, Carter and Brzezinski founded the Trilateral Commission (TC) in 1973. Their goal was multilateral trade and cooperation. The CFR publishes “Foreign Policy,”  making US foreign policy transparent to our adversaries. .

19.  As a first priority, the TC  planed a re-education of our young students to a less Nationalistic and a more Internationalist view. They succeeded beyond their fondest dreams, but they had help. It was the beginning of Globalization as we planed it, but an unanticipated opportunity for the CCP to use it against us and use globalism for their own global expansion.

20.  In embracing globalism, young people abandoned the obligations and responsibly required of US citizenship in favor of a vague citizenship of the world. 

21.  Russian KGB for over 70 years spent 85% of their espionage budget on propaganda, disinformation, demoralization, race baiting and promotion of Marxist education in our schools at all levels. We see the results.

22.  Chinese Communist Party, CCP and the Peoples Liberation Army, PLA carried the concept of subversion to a new level, Unrestricted Warfare. CCP recruited American leaders and influencers at all levels almost at will over the Internet with flattery, grants and by:  enlistment in the Chinese thousand talents program. With large grants, honorarium and flattery, naïve influencers became unwitting agents. Almost legally.

23.  The PLA sent young officers to US universities at a graduate level where they had access to classified industrial and military research resulting in the wholesale theft of critical secrete military and industrial data.

24.  If the PLA’s Unrestricted Warfare does not scare you nothing will. Read it. It’s available on Amazon. The CCP fully acknowledges its war against Democracy and our freedom. The PLA rides happily on top of Globalization as Chinas new world order.

25.  Legislators as agents of both Technocrats and Oligarchs and also a flood of cash contributions from Chinese sources, facilitate corporate or personal strategies for profit and control — and the desired level of destabilization. 

26.  Legislators may unwittingly succumb to CCP bribery, assignation or marriage. Fang Fang, Christine Fang with Rep. Eric Swalwell and many others for example. (Fang Fang goes Bang Bang, Sic)

27.  Unions seeking foreign membership, embrace globalism at the expense of local members.

28.  Communist subversion by the KGB, later the FSB and the CCP/PLA follows four stages as mentioned above and in the appendix. Twenty to forty years of demoralization and propaganda, aims to set us against ourselves. Destabilization emerges as the second stage with disruption of basic cultural and legal tenets. With extreme destabilization, riots and revolution emerge as a crisis, and when finally suppressed, a new normal emerges that more closely aligns with Marxism and or the unelected emerging power structure.  (Dialectic materialism)

29.  Much of what we see today from either political perspective, resembles the crisis stage of communism’s four stage dialectic, their strategy for subversion, destruction and takeover. 

30.  We see rioting, looting arson and a disregard for the law by perpetrators and leftist local governments alike. These are regressive, not progressive behaviors.

31.  So who stands to benefit? An embedded bureaucracy, NGOs with foreign interests, oligarchs, officials on the take, unions seeking international membership and others seeking power. And our communist adversaries. All masking as legitimate liberal politics seeking a more benevolent and socialist government.

32.  Concatenation of: Communist agenda of subversion, a political agenda for socialism, a corporate agenda for cheap even slave labor, a banking agenda for profit from investment and capital flow, a Union agenda for international unionization, an oligarch agenda for manipulation and control, Silicon Valley Technocracy agenda for Asian labor outsourced fabrication, legislators facilitating all of the above for the now legalized contributions in exchange for power and profit, all demanding deficit trade and globalization for their own self interest. 

33.  There appears to be evidence of subversion in the judiciary, FBI, the media, unions, the teachers Union, colleges and universities.

34.  We teach hate, racism, criticism of our Constitution and a revised history in our schools.

35.  Hollywood is owned by China.

36.  You can’t find Humor on TV or the movies, only the F word.

37.  Legislators and elected officials find ways to manipulate the vote for perpetuating a lifetime in office, probably true of both parties, manipulation beyond gerrymandering. 

38.  Today we experience censorship, thought control, political correctness and perception management for hire.

39.  Political correctness encourages obedience to the government and discourages input and direction from the people other than the wealthy bearing alms.

40.  Suspension of due process, for political rivals. We’re both political parties complicit in this practice or only the FBI? Did globalism lead to this sad judicial disintegration and disregard for our constitution?

41.  Refusal to enforce the law, prosecute criminals or foreign agents engaged in espionage led to the furtherance of Marxist “Destabilization.”

42.  The legislature’s threat of rewriting the Constitution for political gain.

43.  A risk of politicizing our military and undermining their loyalty to our constitution.

44.  Loss of freedom. 


Sleeping with the enemy became the politically correct thing to do. All of these factors including the subversion contributed to or resulted from globalization, and all of them undermine our Constitution; they violate our laws and restructure our government into an authoritarian if not a totalitarian form no longer representative of the people.


“From the beginning of our country, there have been deep concerns that foreign money and corruption would be used to buy off America’s aristocracy. Alexander Hamilton, writing in Federalist 22, argued, “One of the weak sides of republics, among their numerous advantages, is that they afford too easy an inlet to foreign corruption.”2 The Founders assumed that foreign rivals—especially Great Britain—would look for opportunities to weaken and divide us by striking deals with members of American high society. George Washington echoed those concerns in his farewell address, speaking of the “insidious wiles of foreign influence,” which he considered “the most baneful foes of republican government.”3 Likewise, James Madison was wary of foreign influence operating in the corridors of American politics and the business elite. “The public attention has been much employed for some time, on the danger of foreign influence,” he wrote in 1799. “To be honorable to our character, and adequate to our safety, it [attention] ought to be pointed to every quarter where danger lurks, and most awake to that, from which danger is most to be feared.”4 Madison believed the business elite were vulnerable because the British Crown had money to throw around: “Being an absolute monarchy in its executive department, [Britain] can distribute its money for secret services with every advantage of safety and success.” FromRed Handed, Peter Schweitzer, 2022


Globalization threw open the door, and the Trilateral Commission invited them in, come one come all with foreign intervention, and they did. China overwhelmed the pack, but China was not alone. The fears for our Republic of Alexander Hamilton, George Washington and James Madison become reality today, if one dares to look behind the political façade. 



GDP and Money Supply (M1) in trillions




M1 t



































































Note the dramatic increase in money supply 2019 to 2021 and the drop off of velocity from 2007 to 2021. Figures not exact and previously hard to find. St Louis Fed now publishing both M1 and Velocity. 2021 GDP an estimate. Note the pandemic effect in 2020 and 2021. Velocity reflects productivity, income, moral and energy it’s the churn of the economy.


Time Line

Joseph Stalin dies 3/5/53

Armistice Korea 7/53

Eisenhower 53-61; J. F. Dulles, Secretary of State

Dien Bien Phu May 1954, Genera Accords divides Vietnam 

War ’59-’75, US enters the war ’64, Russia supports North Vietnam.

JFK 61-63, Dean Rusk Sec State

LBJ 63-69, Dean Rusk

Nixon 69-74, Kissinger replaced Rogers as Sec State

Nixon ended the gold standard 8/71

Kissinger China ‘71

Nixon went to China 2/72

Jane Fonda went to Hanoi 7/72, massive US student anti Vietnam riots

Carter, Brzezinski, Rockefeller founded the Trilateral Commission 7/73

Nixon resigns 8/74 

Ford 74-77 Kissinger Secretary of State, Rockefeller VP

Carter 77-81 Sec State: Vance; Brzezinski, NSA established

Diplomatic relations established with China ‘79

Iron Curtain came down 11/89

China most favorable nation, MFN 1996, then 12/2001 made permanent

Imports of oil1977; trade deficits mushroom


The American Crisis, Dec. 25, 1776, Thomas Paine

Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A study of “Brainwashing”, Robert Jay Lifton, 1961

Rigged, Mollie Hemingway Oct 12, 2021

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Unrestricted Warfare, China’s Master Plan to Destroy America, Qiao Lang, Wang Xiangsui

Red Handed, Peter Schweitzer, Jan 2022


Solutions, not so easy

Education: constitution, history, citizenship, cooperation and civility 

Term limits: legislative branch to match limits to the administrative 

Productivity, limit monopoly, outsourcing and colonialism 

Restore legal immigration

Counter espionage to the limit

Eliminate foreign lobbying and financial enticements

Continue Excise Tax until US regains manufacturing parity superiority. 


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