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Thursday, June 16, 2022

All the Light You Cannot See

 A beautiful book, I'm reading for the second time. The story serves as a perfect metaphor, light as the medium for understanding. The story enters the quantum world with light in a narrow band of the infinite range of electromagnetic wavelength, all of which is invisible but also the medium for understanding. Marie-Laure’s blindness contrasts with the blind radio waves of the French resistance and self realization of a German boy caught up in the blindness if Hitler’s Germany. The story captures the blindness of a German populism to the Nazi propaganda and indoctrination of a generation and those who go along.

Today All the Light You Cannot See serves as a further metaphor for the past idealogical subversion of generations of American children, idealistically goose stepping to the anti American, socialist narrative of their teachers. This narrative, in my view stemms from the anti American demonstrations during and after the war in Vietnam. A shadow government, NGOs and bureaucracy, blinded by the light, led to a self destruction of our freedom and voice from within. This educated elite cannot stop until they destroy our republic or until they themselves are defeated. Democracy remains a light they cannot see while the ether vibrates with quantums of their propaganda, advancing the false narrative of a vague international elite. I hope the light of our resistance will overcome and be less violent than that in Saint-Malo. We will see what happens. Others may draw different meanings, but this book delights the sole in many ways with elegant writing, a best book.


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