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Retired physician and air taxi operator, science writer and part time assistant professor, these editorials cover a wide range of topics. Mostly non political, mostly true, I write more from experience than from research and more from science than convention. Subjects cover medicine, Alaska aviation, economics, technology and an occasional book review. The Floatplane book is out there. I am currently working on Hippocrates a History of Medicine and Globalism. Enjoy!

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Thursday, June 16, 2022


 Politicians at a very young age realized that they were treated special, that they could get away with things and be rewarded in ways that others could not. They soon realized that they could trade on their personality and not have to work, that they could get elected or rewarded in high school and college without even trying. Later, politisions found that they could thrive in the community without working, getting rich on other peoples money. Hardly a trustworthy trait for representative government or personal character. But that’s what we’ve got.


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