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Retired physician and air taxi operator, science writer and part time assistant professor, these editorials cover a wide range of topics. Mostly non political, mostly true, I write more from a lifetime of experience and from research, more science than convention. Subjects cover medicine, Alaska aviation, economics, technology and an occasional book review. Globalization or Democracy documents the historical roots of Oligarchy, the road to colonialism and tyranny

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Monday, July 11, 2022


 I’ve written about the subversion of our democracy for almost a decade. I interpreted the problem as globalization versus the constitution. However, as events unfold, I see the conflict coming down to authoritarian government versus representative government. It’s hard to believe, but a growing minority reject belief in our constitution and our culture. The seed of this mutation began post Vietnam with an internationalization of our foreign policy by foreign born and educated cabinet members. We did this to ourselves and now face the consequences. July 2022, we appear to stand on the edge of a precipice. Will we be able to vote a change, or will totalitarian government prevent or subvert an election?


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