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Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Who’s your Rebel?

The Boston Tea Party heralded American colonists’ resistance to England’s taxation and autocratic authority over their freedom. The Tories and royalists supported King George and Parliament as legal authority, while the people demanded freedom and self government. Our Revolution lead to our Constitutional freedoms and representative government. 


Today, another insurrection seeks to end that Constitution and the legal framework that insures those freedoms with an authoritarian government and an international world order based on banking, multinationals and technology. The demoralization, destabilization and crisis could not be more profound.


The insurrection, not January 6, but the stampede to globalism threatens our Republic and the basic tenets of Western Civilization. Not the far left, not the Republicans, not Trump but a revolt against democracy for the benefit of the rich and an impossible vision of one world equity subordinated by a new aristocracy. How long before a new Joseph Stalin or a new King George.


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