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Retired physician and air taxi operator, science writer and part time assistant professor, these editorials cover a wide range of topics. Mostly non political, mostly true, I write more from a lifetime of experience and from research, more science than convention. Subjects cover medicine, Alaska aviation, economics, technology and an occasional book review. Globalization or Democracy documents the historical roots of Oligarchy, the road to colonialism and tyranny

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Wednesday, November 30, 2022


 My new book needs a more compelling title than Theory of Moral Imperatives. Bastards sums it up far better. Im still at the outline stage, and I've written several versions as a creative non-fiction with humor. American culture has been circulating the drain for a long time, driven by Socialist policies of equality, entitlements, hysteria and societal depression, not the least of which drives an epidemic of bastards. Should I include suggested solutions? Most writers would not. Intriguing, does 93 years with 50 practicing medicine give me the right? Maybe not.


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