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Friday, November 18, 2022

Dialectic Materialism 2022

 On November 8, 2022 a thin majority of midterm voters confirmed their wish to abandon our Republic in favor of authoritarianism. Directives for the mitigation of the COVID19 pandemic, fighting climate change came with the promise of a Great Reset to International Socialism, Globalization and a new world order.

Subversion of our Republic did not start with climate change, the pandemic or Vietnam but with our independence and freedom in 1776 and our Constitution in 1787. King George pored vast sums of money into overt action and subversion of our new nation. From the start of International Communism with Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels’  Communist Manifesto, Communist dictators targeted America with their highly structured and highly successful strategies of subjugation .

Communist subversion comes in 4 stages - a dialectic.

  • Demoralization 
  • Destabilization 
  • Crisis 
  • Normalization 

Intelligence agencies established NGOs with positive sounding names with enough support to finance any minority with any basis for complaint, not for their benefit, but for persecution, victimization and demoralization. The KGB exploited racial conflict and promoted racism. This successful strategy targeted unions, teachers and even young students setting them against their parents. The war in Vietnam provided Communists a greater chance to set young people against their government. 

The prolonged phase of demoralization succeeded in spawning a whole generation of youth believing that Democracy failed because of racism, corporations and their parents. Ready for the second phase, destabilization, it turned out that the CCP and the PLA utilizing ancient Chinese pathways of bribery and compromise succeeding where the KGB strategy fell short. Through flattery, grant and academic engagement, then with ultimatum, Chinese operatives in Confucius Foundations subverted legislators, city governments, the judiciary, universities, Hollywood, even churches and “defunding the police.” Propaganda, censorship and incarceration without due process lead the parade, all under the banner of Democracy, equality and global warming.

We experienced the conflict, hate, chaos, and crisis, which followed the destabilization. Rioting, murders, conflagration and division. Now comes the normalization phase of the dialectic. Totalitarian control, replace the US dollar with a digital currency, the new Normalization views any resistance as domestic terrorism, or racism, with a promise of zero emissions and a social utopia of equality calling it, saving-our-Democracy.


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