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Friday, November 18, 2022

Importance of Being Someone

            VIctor Davis Hanson wrote a book about the loss of the American citizen. A democracy, a democratic republic cannot exist without responsible citizens. By definition, representative government requires participating citizenship to function. The very concept, however, evolved existentially and evaporated over time.  

             Our founding fathers struggled with the concept of, who were the representatives of the representative government? Men only, no slaves and English law suggested 21 years of age. Should only land owners vote, or should only financially responsible men be allowed to vote. Voting rights evolved, but remain highly contentious today. English law formed the basis for US law and French law in states that were part of the Louisiana purchase. Birth certificates designated legitimate married parents, a designation intended to discriminate against lawless adults and enforce the civil institution of marriage. A felony conviction negated the right to vote, hold office, or in some cases, to obtain a passport.

             Liberalism and existentialism triumphed over the morays of our culture, equality over responsibility. Truth, loyalty, honor, God, and the importance of being someone went the way of all the other American institutions. If you are not someone, you run the risk of being no-one. 


              If US citizenships mean nothing, young people gain nothing by shouldering the responsibilities and discipline required of citizenship. Never mind the classical or cultural virtues. Theresa May said, “If you are a citizen of the World, you are a citizen of nowhere.” If you aren’t someone, you are no-one. You might as well be a citizen of the World, then you are no-one and belong nowhere.


              A father in the house, a good coach, religion and or a disciplined and classical education offer children a foundation, an identify, a definition of citizenship and a way to be someone - hopefully a good citizen.


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