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Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Marxist Dialectic Materialism

The George Soros sponsored NY district attorney pursued an indictment against President Trump, not for the prosecution, but for the chaos and demoralization. The unelected apparatchiks within the US bureaucracy succeeded in undermining the American peoples faith in our government beyond Moscow and Beijing’s wildest dreams. Targeting Trump and the 2024 election was secondary and a political excuse.

The Marxist dialectic uses chaos and radical demands to subvert functional government to the end of replacing it with International Socialism. Today saw a perfect example of the dialectic in action.The trumped up charges served only as a convenient medium of subversion.

Active Measures, four stages: Thirty years of demoralization. Two to three years of destabilization. Six to ten months of crisis. Followed by six to ten days of normalization, usually involving tanks, executions and  takeover. 

Listen to Yuri Bezmenov’s interview and tragic story, 1985 


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