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Saturday, May 06, 2023

Pledge of Allegiance and Diversity

 Dear Fellow Rotarian...

I am an American.  I’m not a Democrat.  I’m not a Republican.  I’m an American.

Yesterday, I went to my weekly Homer Rotary meeting.  Almost immediately, it was announced that there are some folks in our Rotary community, who are not comfortable with us starting our Rotary meeting with all standing and saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Further, in the interest of “Diversity,” the club would be omitting the Pledge of Allegiance for a few weeks.  HUH??

The announcer went on to state that Rotary has been known as a “rich, old white man’s” club.  Hmmm…In 2023, that comment felt down right outdated, bigoted, critical, shaming and untrue!  It felt like an effort to divide our little club and set up an internal “we vs. they” prejudiced membership.   Like being a “rich, old white man” was something of which one should be ashamed—or for which one is deserving of ridicule and distain.  (I am not rich, I am not a man.  But, I have been a Rotarian for probably 14 years or more.)  And, I believe most of my fellow Homer Rotarians are not rich; as many of our members chose careers in teaching.  But, so what if some of our members were rich, or white or male or old—or all four?  Are those descriptives something that exiles one to the dung heap of humanity—something to be avoided.

So, do we reach way back into times and ways that were long prior to today—in order to divide us today?   I think that is a form of 2023 bigotry.  And, this is happening all across America.  And, it is tragic!  We are destroying ourselves from within.

This is America.  We are Americans.  Whether you are new to our country or were born here—the Pledge of Allegiance is a statement of our citizens’ commitment to our homeland.  If saying such a pledge is “uncomfortable” for you—then you have the right to go where YOU are comfortable.  If I have to resign my inherent right and tradition of (joining with my fellow citizens) in proclaiming our allegiance to our country—in order for you to feel “comfortable”—then I do not think that this is a free country anymore!

Diane Hughes


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