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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Trump and Norman Vincent Peale

           President Donald Trump embodies a level of morality and Christianity that the media ignores even to the point of profanation. Trump’s parents raised their 5 children in Norman Vincent Peal’s Marble Collegiate Church in lower Manhattan. Reverend Peale’s sermons carried a powerful motivational message for life, demanding optimism, imagination and a commitment to take action and succeed, refusing failure and doing God’s work by building big. 
            Peale’s message so resinated that the oldest continues Protestant congregation in North America grew to become a mega church with a congregation in the thousands. Peale’s books including The Power of Positive Thinking. Published in 1952 spent 186 consecutive weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. By 1958, the book had sold at least two million copies. 

             Trump became an advocate of Peale and remained a follower. He and his first wife, Ivana, were married there in 1977. He and Melania, Roman Catholic, were married in an Episcopal Church in Palm Beach near Mar-a-Lago.One cannot assess Trump’s motivations without knowing the strong Christian motivational relationship he had with Norman Vincent Peale.

              If for no other proof of that philosophy from Peale, Trump raised 4 children to successful careers, does not do drugs or alcohol and x wives speak well of him, a feat which few of us can claim. Never mind his success in commercial Realestate, the most vicious segment of the business world, including multiple failures and comebacks, and his scholarship in business economics at Wharton School of Business.  Did not Donald Trump also bail out a NYC’s failed attempt at repairing their outdoor ice-skating ring with his own construction company at his own expense? He did not take a salary as president!
               Corporations depending on cheap forced foreign labor, spend billions to smear, defeat and discredit Trump. The unelected but vast bureaucracy participates because of Trump’s commitment to rid Washington of foreign influence and Washington’s growing rejection of US National interests, representative government and our Democracy.
              Politically, Trump may be the only person with economic and business knowledge, committed to and able to: curtail Communism, subversion, a growing US corporate excesses, fix the economy and return US manufacturing capacity. Plus I’d bet he has the gout.


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