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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Excess Deaths

The explaination for excess deaths remains elusive. The phenomina centers around younger persons than expected with predominately cardiovascular. The British Medical journal lists possible causes related to shutdown but omits the suspicion that mRNA may contribute. Reminds me of the all but forgotten experiment in Argentina when newborn infants, orphaned and isolated in steril nursery conditions, they died in unusual number. An experiment in 1944 confirmed a 50% neonatal death rate when babies do not encounter human contact.The shutdown and social isolation may have played a simalar role leading to excess deaths today in adults. Some of the babies died unexpectidly weehs and months after the isolation. COVID probably produced a delayed effect too. The vaccine in a few cases as well. Persons contracting COVID after being vaccinated may have harbored added risk. Another problem, not mentioned, might be the villifying of concerned cliniions who attempted early treatment for their patients.The isolation of physicians and lost oppertunity for early detection and treatment of other conditions surely ccontributed to what we are seeing,butt the age of death of these younger people remains puzzeling. The corporate reform of medical practice replaces a physicians medical judgment with algorgans. This obvious failure of medical reform may contribute as well. Patients can’t get an appointment, or only two or three months ahead. They cant see a real doctor, and many juststay home. "If this is an emergency, hang up and call 911."


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