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Retired physician and air taxi operator, science writer and part time assistant professor, these editorials cover a wide range of topics. Mostly non political, mostly true, I write more from a lifetime of experience and from research, more science than convention. Subjects cover medicine, Alaska aviation, economics, technology and an occasional book review. Globalization or Democracy documents the historical roots of Oligarchy, the road to colonialism and tyranny

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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Investing Guidelines

1. Keep your powder dry. In a tight market maintain a high percentage of liquidity. Preserve capital. 2. Pick technology stocks so long as technology grows faster. 3. Intrinsic value, both margin, return on equity and return on capital 20%; consistent growth in % return. 4. Chart everything and learn the technicals. 5. Invest below the hundred-day regression line and sell above the line. 6. Note insider trading, ownership and institutional investors. 7. Look for a PEG of 1 or less. (P/E divided by year-over % growth) 8. Consistent growth in earnings 9. Reinvest dividends when able. 10. Hold your good ones very long term. 11. Chart PE ratio and high is good so long as growing. 12. Look for your own convincing observations and analysis, never those on TV or the internet. 13. Track earnings and look for year over earnings of 20% or more and look at earnings revisions. 14. Adjust strategy to your circumstances and the current market 15. Sell covered calls, if you just have to do something. 16. Don’t buy in unless you seee vidence of high growth in earnings. 17. Don’t sell a down market! 18. Know the technology. 19. Look for zero debt in high interest times 20. Count the cars iin the parking lot, ie, know the product.


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