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Wednesday, February 07, 2024


Listening to a dialog between Gordon Pearson and Roger Penrose on consciousness, I recall similar arguments among my classmates in medical school. We found the mass of human physiology and pathophysiology unending. We even attempted autohypnosis to develop total recall. It worked to a degree. We also determined a distinct difference among ourselves in thinking, wherein some had what we called linear thinking, just the rules, while most of us could scan data to form an opinion. In practice, that difference seems manifest today with our many clinical physicians’ strong objection to the rigid one-dimensional guidelines and algorithms imposed by bureaucratic medical directors. It’s as if all the linear thinkers became administrators rather than dealing with patients. As for artificial Inteligence, I cannot see algorithms expanding to the point of consciousness as questioned by Penrose and Peterson. Quantum physics emerges as a new mystery in biology. Might not some form of quantum entanglement account for the matrix of group behavior and extra-data-based cognition, consciousness even to the spiritual?


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