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Sunday, February 25, 2024

DEI vs the Soul of Medicine

The Soul of Western Medicine The medical profession has a soul, part religious, part scientific, and very much an entangled intimacy. DEI, diversity, equity, and inclusion destroyed the soul of Medicine much the way totalitarian political censorship. Propaganda and political correctness destroyed the Republic. DEI argues, "Poor doctors will better care for the poor." Lawrence Weed, a professor of Medicine at Dartmouth, wrote a book, Medicine in Denial, in which he insisted that much of the excess cost and poor outcome in US medicine resulted from a lack of standardization. He advocated enforceable guidelines and algorithms for physicians and surgeons akin to airline pilots following strictly published procedures. Weed had great credibility as the champion of problem-oriented medical record charting, furthered by an enthusiasm for evidence-based medical care. Decades later, we experience a mindless top-down totalitarian framework for medical decisions that eliminates medical judgment and results in yet more expensive healthcare, worse outcomes, loss of continuity, and lower longevity numbers. A thousand years ago, the church dictated health care. Medicine struggled from antiquity against mythology, religion, and greed. Today, we add an autocratic bureaucracy. DEI seeks compliant providers who do not question the profit-oriented guidelines provided by corporations, politicians, and bureaucrats


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